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NetBeans is a quite large project, one of the largest Apache projects. cloc command returns more than 7 million lines of code in more than 50 000 files! 

The NetBeans Platform consists of a number of features:


The image can be messy as there are many modules and many dependencies, but it provides a nice visualisation and might provide you useful information (e.g. should this module depend on that one?)

An architectural overview of the NetBeans Platform modules

The Core NetBeans Platform (without the plugins) contains around 100 modules(!). Below is an attempt to group them into categories in order to more easily locate where a change might be needed. This will eventually lead to an architectural diagram of the NetBeans Platform.


and their dependencies:



Git main module depends on:

  • libs.git (Git Client Library) which depends on org.eclipse.jgit


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Image Added


  1. Boeck H., et. al. (2011), NetBeans Platform 7.0, Refcard.