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  • KIP-258: Allow to Store Record Timestamps in RocksDB

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serverASF JIRA
jqlQuerykey = KAFKA-6521
OR key = KAFKA-3522

Released: 1.2

Please keep the discussion on the mailing list rather than commenting on the wiki (wiki discussions get unwieldy fast).


  • handling out-of-order data for source KTable (related to KAFKA-5533)
  • add TTL for KTables (KAFKA-4212 and KAFKA-4273)
  • return the timestamp of the latest update in Interactive Queries (KAFKA-4304)
  • improve timestamp propagation for DSL operator (KAFKA-6455)


The challenging part of this KIP is to define a smooth upgrade path with the upgraded rocksDB format. There are some initial thoughts on KAFKA-3522 already. The rest of this doc will first focus on the public interface additions for the upgrade path.

Public Interfaces

We need to add a new configuration parameter upgrade.mode that will be null by default and can take two values: "prepare_in_place_upgrade" and "prepare_roll_over_upgrade" with the following semantics: