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Operating System

1Jiří KovalskýCzech Republic (GMT+1)jkovalskyjkovalskyjiri.kovalsky[at]oracle.comLinux Mint 18.12 x 2.6 GHz8 GB4 hoursJava Debugger
2Hermien PellissierSouth Africa (GMT+2)hermienmienamoomiena.moo[at]gmail.comWindows 102 x 2.6 GHz16 GB1 hourRCP
3Thilina RanathungaSri Lanka (GMT+5:30)thilina01thilina01r.thilina[at]gmail.comLinux Mint 18.32 x 2.7 GHz16 GB5 hoursRCP
4Gili TzabariCanada (GMT-5)cowwoccowwoccowwoc[at]bbs.darktech.orgWindows 102 x 3.5 GHz32 GB1 hourJava Debugger, Java Profiler
5Constantin DraboBurkina Faso (GMT)pandaconstantinpandajavadrconstantin[at]hotmail.comFedora 262 x 2.7 GHz4 GB3 hoursJava Editor
6Vano BeridzeGeorgia (UTC+4)vanuatoovanobvanuatoo[at]gmail.comUbuntu 16.042 x 2.5 GHz8 GB1 hourJava Editor
7Luca MambrettiItaly (GMT+1)IrianIrianRluca.mambretti[at]bizeta.netWindows 102.9 GHz16 GB2 hoursMaven
8Carlos QuintanillaBelgium (GMT+1)carlos_qtcarlos_qtcarlosqt[at]gmail.comWindows 104 x 3.1 GHz32 GB1 hourJava Editor
9Manikantan Narender NathIndia (GMT+5:30)manikantannarenmanikantannarenmanikantannaren[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.122.7 GHz16 GB4 hoursJava Profiler, Unit testing
10Giuliano MeiniItaly (GMT+1)giuliano.meinigiuliano.meinig.meini[at]civicae.itWindows 102 x 2.6 GHz8 GB2 hoursJava GUI Builder
11David HeffelfingerUSA (GMT-5)dheffelfingerheffeldheffelfinger[at]gmail.comPop!_OS Linux4 x 4 GHz32 GB4 hoursVersion Control
12Glenn HolmerUSA (GMT-6)gholmergholmercenbe[at]kolabnow.comDebian Linux 104 x 3.6 GHz16 GB4 hoursJava Profiler
13Ales SeifertAustralia (GMT+10)alesakalesseifert[at]alesak.netopenSUSE Tumbleweed16 x 2.4 GHz64 GB2 hoursVersion Control
14Tushar JoshiIndia (GMT+5:30)tusharjoshitusharjoshitusharjoshi[at]apache.orgMac OS X 10.122.5 GHz16 GB3 hoursRCP
15Itoro IkonNigeria (GMT+1)itoroikonitoroikonitoroikon[at]gmail.comWindows 102 x 2.6 GHz8 GB2 hoursRCP, DB
16Ryan CuprakUSA (GMT-5)rcuprakrcuprakrcuprak[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.134 x 2.6 GHz8 GB3 hoursJava Editor
17Oliver RettigGermany (GMT+1)oliver.rettigoliver.rettigoliver.rettig[at]orat.deLinux Ubuntu 16.042 x 2.6 GHz8 GB1 hourRCP
18Don LiyanageUnited Kingdom (GMT)supunliyanagedon.liyanagesupunliyanage[at]yahoo.comLinux Ubuntu 16.048 x 2.8 GHz16 GB2 hoursDB
19Unai ViviItaly (GMT+1)vvunaivvunaiunai.vivi[at]smalticeram.itGNU/Linux2 x 3.4 GHz4 GB1 hourJava Editor, DB
20William BacchiItaly (GMT+1)william.bacchiwilliam.bacchiwilliam.bacchi[at]gmail.comUbuntu 17.104 x 2.4 GHz4 GB2 hoursJava Debugger
21Josh JuneauUSA (GMT-6)juneau001juneau001juneau001[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.122 x 2.8 GHz16 GB3 hoursMaven, Java Profiler
22John KostarasBelgium (GMT+1)jkostjnkjkostaras[at]

Mac OS X 10.9

2 x 2.4 GHz8 GB2 hoursRCP, Java Profiler
23Mark StephensUnited Kingdom (GMT)markee174mstephensmarkstephens[at]idrsolutions.comMac OS X 10.132 x 2.9 GHz16 GB2 hoursJava Profiler, Version Control
24Dawn RaisonUnited Kingdom (GMT)dawnofclaritydawnofclaritydzr[at] 74 x 4 GHz32 GB4 hoursJava Editor
25Dumitru BoldureanuMoldova (GMT+2)dboldureanudboldureanudboldureanu[at]gmail.comWindows 104 x 2.9 GHz16 GB2 hoursJava Editor, Java Debugger, Maven
26Eric BarboniFrance (GMT +1)skygoskygoskygo[at]apache.orgWindows 108 x 2.9 GHz32 GB1 hourMaven, RCP
27Scott PalmerCanada (GMT-5)swpalmerswpalmerswpalmer[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.134 x 2.5 GHz16 GB1 hourJava GUI Builder (JavaFX integration)
28Georgia InghamUnited Kingdom (GMT)georgiageorgiageorgiaingham[at] 102 x 2.7 GHz16 GB3 hoursMaven
29Rick HegartyUSA (GMT-5)skomisaskomisaskomisa[at]gmail.comWindows 104 x 3.3 GHz32 GB6 hoursJava Profiler, Unit Testing
30Sven ReimersGermany (GMT+1)sreimerssreimerssven.reimers[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.134 x 2.8 GHz16 GB4 hoursJava Profiler, Java Editor, Java Debugger
31Aldo BrucaleItaly (GMT+1)aldobrucalealdo.brucalebrucale[at]gmail.comUbuntu 16.048 x 3.6 GHz8 GB1 hourJava Editor
32Javier OrtizUSA (GMT-7)javydreamercswjavydreamercswjavier.ortiz.78[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.124 x 2.2 GHz16 GB5 hoursMaven, Unit Testing
33Angelo QuagliaItaly (GMT+1)angelo.quagliaangelo.quagliaangelo.quaglia[at]gmail.comWindows 10

8 x 2.1 GHz

32 GB4 hours 
34Trevor John ThompsonUSA (GMT-6)tijettijettijet[at]me.comMac OS X 10.124 x 2.9 GHz16 GB4 hoursJava Editor
35Alied Pérez MartínezArgentina (GMT-3)aliedperezmartinezaliedaliedperezmartinez[at]gmail.comDebian Linux 10   Maven
36John McDonnellIreland (GMT)mcdonnell.john


mcdonnell.john[at]gmail.comMac OS X 10.122.9 GHz16 GB2.5 hours---
37Jose J. RodriguezCuba (GMT-5)Joe1962Joe1962jose.rodriguez[at]cenpalab.cuSlackware Linux 14.24 x 3.20 GHz8 GB4 hoursJava Editor
38Efrem McCrimonUSA (GMT-5)efremmc2efremmc2efremmc2[at]gmail.comWindows 8.14 x 3.50 GHz32 GB3 hoursJava GUI Builder, DB
39Leo DonahueUSA (GMT-7)donahulf2donahulf2donahulf2[at] Debian Linux 94 x 2.40 GHz8 GB4 hoursVersion Control
40Neil C SmithUK (GMT)neilcsmithneilcsmithneilcsmith[at]apache.orgUbuntu 16.048 x 2.40 GHz16 GB2 hoursRCP (or Java Editor)


  • ID - registration number (just increment the number above your entry)
  • Name - your name and surname (we like cooperating with real humans :)
  • Country - country you will stay in the next 2 months most (determines your timezone to estimate ideal time for possible online meetings)
  • JIRA - your Apache JIRA username (for tracking your activity and identification of issues originating in NetCAT program)
  • Synergy - your NetBeans Synergy username (can be omitted if it equals to your Apache JIRA username)
  • E-mail - e-mail address subscribed to NetCAT mailing list (for private communication and distribution of invite to satisfaction survey with NetCAT program at the end)
  • Operating System - your primary operating system you will be testing NetBeans 9.0 Beta on most of the time (please don't include secondary system(s) at your disposal)
  • Platform - architecture of your operating system i.e. 32b or 64b (important if your RAM is 4GB or more)
  • CPU - rough description of your processor (number of core units and frequency in gigahertz, brand is not important)
  • RAM - total size of your computer's memory in gigabytes
  • Availability - minimal numbers of hours per week you will be able to dedicate to NetCAT program in the next 2 months (please be realistic and don't exaggerate)
  • Tribe - feature set you want to primarily focus on i.e. one of the following 9 tribes:
    • Java Editor - code completion, syntax highlighting, refactoring, navigation, hints, code folding etc.
    • Java Debugger - breakpoints, stepping in/over/out, threads, variables, patching etc.
    • Java Profiler - monitoring application, analyzing performance or memory usage etc.
    • Java GUI Builder - building client side graphical user interface, component palette, property inspector etc.
    • Version Control - support for versioning in Git, Mercurial, Subversion and CVS tools
    • Maven - specifics of Maven bundled Java project build tool
    • RCP - support for NetBeans Rich Client Platform, writing NetBeans modules and NetBeans based applications
    • DB - support for JavaDB, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases
    • Unit Testing - support for JUnit and TestNG Java testing frameworks