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  1. Verify the project builds cleanly via ./sbt "+test"
  2. Verify the site builds cleanly via ./sbt makeSite
  3. Verify the files pass the audit check via ./sbt auditCheck
  4. Make sure you have a 4096-bit RSA PGP key for signing releases uploaded to a public PGP key repository (preferably https as well as located in the KEYS file.
  5. Configure sbt with your pgp key by first exporting into the old format for use by sbt-pgp by running gpg --export-secret-keys --armor --output ~/.sbt/gpg/secring.asc and then edit the file ~/.sbt/gpg.sbt with the following:

    Code Block
    useGpg := true
    pgpSecretRing := Path.userHome / ".sbt" / "gpg" / "secring.asc"

  6. Configure your Apache credentials by writing to ~/.sbt/1.0/global.sbt with something like:

    Code Block
    credentials += Credentials("Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager", "", "username", "password")