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This is the Continuum wiki, for user-contributed documentation and development planning.

What is Continuum?

Continuum is a continuous integration (CI) server that will ensure the health of your code base. It is an Apache top-level project.

What is Continuous Integration?

The term "continuous integration" refers to a process that builds and tests code on a frequent, regular basis. Many continuous integration systems monitor a source repository at regular intervals and trigger an "integration" every time someone commits a change. An "integration" can be anything from compiling and testing a single project to the assembly and testing of a deliverable from multiple dependent projects. Among the benefits of continuous integration are the immediate identification of defects and the ability to guarantee that a project's build will succeed at any point in the development cycle.

An in-depth description of continuous integration is beyond the scope of this FAQ. A much more detailed explanation of the concept can be found at the resources listed below:

What is the roadmap for Continuum Development look like?

The Continuum Roadmap contains basic information as to where continuum is heading development wise.

How can I help?

First off, download one of the SNAPSHOT releases and take it for a spin. If you want the latest and greatest, checkout the source from svn and get running the latest and greatest. Find things that think are broken or not working the way you think they should and dig into the source and fix them, submit patches and hang around on irc and tell us what you did.

We also have some Summer of Code proposals.

Where do I go to talk to the people behind continuum?

Mailing Lists

Continuum has 3 primary mailing lists, a users list for user questions, a dev list for discussions regarding developing continuum, and a commits list which you can join to follow along on the development. You can register for any or all of these lists on the following page.


Lots of discussion and help can be found on the irc channel as well, its populated by both developers and is a great source of information.

Channel: #continuum

Developer's Notes

We have a page for Developer's Notes that can help both with contributing, and performing tasks like releases.

Contributed Documentation

You can contribute to the wiki by adding or editing sub-pages under Contributed Documentation. They are listed here for convenience.

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Contributed Documentation