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titleDEPRECATED since R17 - We now use AsciiDoc

We are currently setting up a document which is located inside the OFBiz system. You can access it in using the demo server or when you have OFBiz running locally with the url: http://localhost:8080/cmssite/cms/APACHE_OFBIZ_HTML. (you need seed  data installed for this link to work).
The document is also available in the content application content -> navigation -> documents and re-uses the text from The OFBiz help system.
If you are willing to contribute to the OFBiz Help System, please see 

serverASF JIRA
. The document is in Docbook format and can be updated by any OFBiz committer. An explanation is given in the same document.

We now use AsciiDoc for now , see the doc at (get curious there...), the stable documentation is for the current released branch, the next documentation is for the next to release branch, the trunk documentation is for the current development branch).

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