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Comment: How to ask for a Jira account (because of spam)


titleHow to create a Jira issue
  1. Create Ask for an account hereon the OFBiz user ML, if you do not have one.
  2. Login
    1. (optional if you are sure it's new) Search if an issue for what you are after already exists by using the "Find issues"
    2. (optional if you are sure it's new) If an issue on the subject already exists you can add a comment on it
  3. If an issue does not exist, create a new one selecting the "create new issue" command. For details on the issue creation see here
  4. Select the OFBiz project and the issue type.
  5. Fill in all fields, give as many details as you think necessary
    • Generally, it is very important to select in the "Affect version" field the OFBiz version you are running.
    • Use the Environment field to specify at least your operating system and the database your OFBiz implementation is using, since this information could be very useful to help people to work on the issue. If you are using the trunk branch for your development then the GIT commit ID should also be specified in the Environment field.
    • Select the concerned component(s). If all components are affected select ALL_COMPONENTS (uncommon case)
    • Leave the "Fix Version/s" field empty, unless you are adding something new (Improvement or New Feature) then "Upcoming Release" is fine. This field will be used by committers to specify the future release that will contain the fix.

    • Add "GoodForNewContributors" label if you think that it can be a good fit for a new contributor
  6. If you need to attach files such as patches you must do it as a second step after the issue creation. It is also possible to easily attach screenshots to the issue see here
    • When attaching files or screenshots you can add a comment where you explain how the attached file is supposed to be used. Please reference the file name in the comment because more files could be attached to the issue at a later time and they will be all listed together far away from their comments. If, for any reason, you don't want your patch or attachment to be granted to the ASF or committed, please note it in one related comment (possible cases: not ready yet, examples, etc.)
    • Also please use preferably .patch as extension for patches. When updating an attached file keep the same name: Jira is able to deal with that and will simply gray old files, you don't need to delete them (sometimes its useful to compare older patches versions)
    • If you provide a patch, be sure to use the button "Provide Patch" (the status will then change to "Patch Available"). This allows us (committers, and other contributors) to know that this issue is ready for review.
  7. Jira offers a voting mechanism that is used to give more relevance to the issues (see here to learn more).