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Comment: Removes deprecated links

 As far as we know OFBiz is also referenced on some other site. Here they are

Site name

Site URLs





en : needs screenshot update
es : needs at least  screenshot update
fr:  needs a screenshot update + more outside details and links, else will be removed in less than 1 year
de: needs screenshot 

de: Michael Brohl

 en: Jacques Le Roux, Pierre Smits

Open Hub

We miss there commits between October 2003 and June 2006

Today (2017-06-18) it has not been updated for 6 months (despite asking)

Jacques Le Roux, Scott Gray, Pierre Smits


Perhaps the news section could be updated just so the project does not look dead there

Andrew Zeneski, David E. Jones


Filling Announcements  and Series would be cool

Jeroen van der Wal


This is deprecated after the split between the framework and the plugins. It has stopped to be updated since 2017-02-17.

This is the new home of the framework (trunk)

This is the new home of the plugins (trunk)

Apache Infra Team