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  • AJP client library: Which is developed methods and classes for AJP Protocol
  • JMeter AJP connector: Handle connections between JMeter and Tomcat with AJP Protocol
  • CLI wrapper: AJP command converter
  • CLI: a command interface
  • Demo client: For the demonstrations

Command lines Options



    : Connection timeout
       -O or --output          : Output location, default on the console
       -H or --headers         : Header name and header file
       -r or --requests-file   : Set the request.xmlconfiguration file
       -rounds                 : The number of times url[s] given in the command are repeatedly fetched
       -http-version           : HTTP 1.0 or 1.1
       -query                  : parameter values
       -verbose                :
       -user-agent or -u       :
       -m or --method          : set the HTTP method
       -h or --help            :
        ** this command lines from chamith buddika's implementation