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In order to manage a distributed Docker cache, we're leveraging Docker Hub

Cache creation


To generate the cache, we're leveraging a Jenkins job that rebuilds the cache upon new commits to the master. To define which bucket to be used for cache publish and retrieval, set the following environment variable at Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Global properties -> Environment variables. Create variables as follows and insert the variables from the secret created above:


Auto scaling

Auto scaling is done by a lambda function. The management of this function is done using the serverless framework.


npm install serverless
export PATH=".~/node_modules/.bin/:$PATH"


titleRole permission
  • Overall:
    • Read
  • Agent:
    • Configure
    • Connect
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Disconnect
    • Provision
  • Job:
    • Discover
    • Read


After creating the role, assign this role to the user created above by going to Jenkins->Manage and Assign Roles->Assign Roles. Enter the GitHub handle at 'User/group to add' and press 'Add'. Attention: This name is case-sensitive! Afterwards, assign it the autoscaling role.