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Connectors that use a ConfigProvider and do not want the restart behavior can specify config.reload.action as none.

Assumptions and Limitations

A typical pattern in Connector implementations is for the Task configuration to be a superset of the Connector configuration.   That is, when creating a Task configuration, the Connector will copy the Connector configuration and then perhaps add some additional configuration properties.  However, there is nothing in the Connect framework that enforces that this relationship need hold between the Task configuration and the Connector configuration.

For the implementation of this KIP, we will make the assumption that a variable reference in the property of the Task configuration has the same key as the variable reference in the Connector configuration.  This is because when the Connector configuration is passed to the Connector, all variable references have been resolved, so that when the Connector returns the Task configuration to the Connect framework, the Connect framework can make use of this assumption to  "reverse transform" the resolved value back to the original variable reference before saving the Task configuration.

This implies that when the assumption does not hold, which would be the case if the Connector copies the resolved value to a property with a different key, for example, then the Connect framework will not be able to reverse transform the value to the original variable reference, and the value will appear in plain-text when saved.   This is a limitation that is currently not addressed by this KIP.

Rejected Alternatives

The current scope of this proposal is for Connectors only.  However, as mentioned above, it provides classes that can be used by Brokers and Clients for functionality in other KIPs.