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(sorted alphabetically by project's name)




AppFuse Light

Maven archetype for web apps based on Hibernate, iBATIS, JDO (JPOX), OJB, Spring JDBC.

Brix CMS

CMS based on Java Content Repository (JSR-170)


Project for building web applications quickly with Wicket and Hibernate. (No longer maintained?)


Groovy based Rails-like RAD environment based on Spring and Hibernate. Can be used with Wicket.


Maven archetype for Wicket+JPA+Spring.

Leg Up

A Wicket component that helps getting started quickly with Wicket, Spring, Guice, JPA, Warp, EclipseLink, Hibernate, Scala, JEE ... projects


Mistletoe is a junit extension intended for integration testing. In technical terms, mistletoe is a junit test suite runner presenting the test results via HTTP as a web-page.

OPS4J / Pax Wicket

OSGi service for supporting the creation of Wicket applications running on the OSGi platform


another quickstart project for building spring+hibernate+wicket applications. Support for more persistence layers is forthcoming.


Interface based Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework. The address book example has an example of integration with Wicket. Blog.


is a JVM level clustering solution. Explicit support for Wicket is planned for their next version. Meanwhile, there is a short WIKI article here.


Webby aims at supporting quick creation of data centric web applications, built upon Wicket, using a bean descriptor like approach. blog

Wicket Bench

Eclipse plugin by Laughing Panda

Wicket Bits

Collection of wicket related components including Automagic

Wicket DnD

Wicket Drag and Drop framework

Wicket Box

Wicket behaviors for dynamic layouts and resizing

Wicket Stuff

Sandbox for various wicket components that are not in the wicket core (ex: hibernate, rss, scriptaculous integration)

Wicket RAD

Rapid development of CRUD apps. Features an Open Session In View implementation for JPA, Bean form based on annotations, and a sortable pageable table generator.

Wicket Support

NetBeans plugin

Wicket Tools

is intended to be a community site with tutorials, projects that extend the functionality of wicket, and show cases of what others have done with wicket. (f.e. ExtJs Integration)

Wicket Web Beans

is a project that automatically generates AJAX-based forms at runtime from POJOs. You write the model, WWB does the UI.


Maven archetype for DDD apps based on JPA or Hibernate, Spring and DomDriDes.