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If you are a contributor you can create the help screens the following way:

  1. Make sure the 'main-decorator' of the affected component contains the following statement:
    Code Block
    <property-map resource="ComponentNameHelpUrls" map-name="helpUrlsMap" global="true"/>
  2. Create or modify the file config/ComponentNameHelpUrls.xml to make the link between the request and the actual page name in the correct language within Confluence at To see the nameof the request uncomment the indicated line in 'helpLink.ftl'
  3. Go to OFBiz End User Docs Home
  4. From the page in number 3 (Manager References?) go down the tree until you find the document which is the parent of the new page.
  5. Click the edit button and then click the 'add page' button to create a child page.
  6. Make the title of the page the same as the language title you have created in point 2 and enter the help text on that page

by added some stuff in OFBiz documentation files.

The better way for how  to do that is to read documentation on chapter The Apache OFBiz documentation systemIf the request name however is 'showPortalPage' a slightly different approach is implemented. When the system displays a portal page, it will first show a portlet selection list and after that show the help of the portlet.
The help page name is still translated in one of the *HelpUrls.xml file but the propertyname in this case is 'PORTLET_portalPortletId' Please check the endof the file PortalPageForms.xml.