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There is a lot of work to be done on editing and structuring and reformatting the OFBiz documentation. In short, we need your help!

You can find the PDF exports from the Undersun end-user documentation site here

Before starting to work on a section from the Undersun online docs (or other doc source) please check here and if no one has it listed already, then add what you are working on and the estimated start date (and if possible hoped for end date) for it here.

A short note on the doc organization (DEJ20060605): I plan to have the organization on the Confluence site be the same as on the Undersun docs site with the content split into pages for the major sections (typically 2nd-3rd level or so in the hierarchy for the various doc trees there). For the "Manager Reference" documents it would be nice to have one Confluence page for each web page described for easy linking and such. For some examples look at the early pages I worked on including the "Sales Order End-to-End Process" under the "High Level End-to-End Processes" page, and the various pages under the "Application Overview for Users" page.

Undersun doc site pages being worked on:

  • RB - Nothing right now
  • Nothing else yet...

RB: So far from my experience of doing a few pages, the longest part of the job is saving, renaming, attaching and reinserting the images. With this in mind I might try and find a few hours shortly to on mass create and transfer all the text from the pages so we have the basic text and structure transfered and then we can work on getting the images transfered. Is there any way to do an on mass export of the images from the Undersun Site with sensible names?