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We have a number of tutorials as listed below. The tutorials often comes with source code which is either available in the Camel Download or attached to the wiki page.


These tutorials listed below, is hosted at Apache. We offer the Articles page where we have a link collection for 3rd party Camel material, such as tutorials, blog posts, published articles, videos, pod casts, presentations, and so forth.

If you have written a Camel related article, then we are happy to provide a link to it. You can contact the Camel Team, for example using the Mailing Lists, (or post a tweet with the word Apache Camel).

  • Report Incident - This tutorial introduces Camel steadily and is based on a real life integration problem
    This is a very long tutorial beginning from the start; its for entry level to Camel. Its based on a real life integration, showing how Camel can be introduced in an existing solution. We do this in baby steps. The tutorial is currently work in progress, so check it out from time to time. The tutorial explains some of the inner building blocks Camel uses under the covers. This is good knowledge to have when you start using Camel on a higher abstract level where it can do wonders in a few lines of routing DSL.
  • Tutorial on Camel 1.4 for Integration
    Another real-life scenario. The company sells widgets, with a somewhat unique business process (their customers periodically report what they've purchased in order to get billed). However every customer uses a different data format and protocol. This tutorial goes through the process of integrating (and testing!) several customers and their electronic reporting of the widgets they've bought, along with the company's response.
  • Tutorial how to build a Service Oriented Architecture using Camel with OSGI - Updated 20/11/2009
    The tutorial has been designed in two parts. The first part introduces basic concept to create a simple SOA solution using Camel and OSGI and deploy it in a OSGI Server like Apache Felix Karaf and Spring DM Server while the second extends the ReportIncident tutorial part 4 to show How we can separate the different layers (domain, service, ...) of an application and deploy them in separate bundles. The Web Application has also be modified in order to communicate to the OSGI bundles.
  • Several of the vendors on the Commercial Camel Offerings page also offer various tutorials, webinars, examples, etc.... that may be useful.
  • Examples
    While not actual tutorials you might find working through the source of the various Examples useful.