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Apache CarbonData community is pleased to announce the release of the Version 1.4.0 in The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). 

CarbonData is a high-performance data solution that supports various data analytic scenarios, including BI analysis, ad-hoc SQL query, fast filter lookups on detail record, streaming analytics, etc. CarbonData has been deployed in many enterprise production environments, in one of the largest scenario it supports queries on single table with 3PB data (more than 5 trillion records)  with response time less than 3 seconds!

We encourage you to use the release, and feedback through the CarbonData user mailing lists!

This release note provides information on the new features, improvements, and bug fixes of this release.

What’s New in Version 1.4.0?

In this version of CarbonData, more than 230 JIRA tickets for new feature, improvement and bugs has been resolved. Following are the summary.

Carbon Core

Improved Data Load Performance

Data loading performance has been improved dramatically due to various enhancements, including sorting temp file improvement, sort boundary mechanism, direct write without data move, and others. In one of the production environment, we have observed as much as 300% improvement comparing to last version.

Improved Compaction Performance

By employing data prefetching and various improvement in vectorized reader during compaction, compaction operation on CarbonData table is improved up to 500% compare to last version. In one of the production environment, application can support 5 minutes data loading (100s of GB) while maintaining second level query performance by automatic compaction for every 30 and 60 minutes (configured with "carbon.compaction.level.threshold" set to "6,2") to reduce number of segments.

DataMap Management Enhancement

A new syntax 'DEFERRED REBUILD' is introduced in CREATE DATAMAP statement, this enables user choose DataMap management mechanism (automatic or manual) when creating the DataMap. When 'DEFERRED REBUILD' is specified, DataMap is by default disabled, and data loading to main table will not trigger loading to DataMap until user performs REBUILD DATAMAP.

Supports External Table with Location

Now you can create external table by specifying storage location of Carbon data files. Carbon External Table usage is the same as Hive External Table.

Support Cloud Storage 

You can specify Cloud Storage as external table location, such as storing in AWS S3, HuaweiCloud OBS, etc.

Supports SDK for Standalone Application

Provided Carbon SDK to write and read CarbonData files through Java API without Hadoop and Spark dependency, user can use this SDK in standalone Java application to convert existing data into CarbonData files. It supports write to local disk or cloud storage, from following formats.

  1. CSV data, schema specified by user.
  2. JSON data, schema defined by Avro.

Enhancement for OLAP

Supports Streaming on Pre-Aggregate Table

Now you can create pre-aggregate table on streaming tables. While CarbonData's streaming ingest feature reduces the time for data availability, now you can enjoy query performance improvement also by leveraging Pre-Aggregate Table. After creating Pre-Aggregate Table by using 'preaggregate' DataMap, the data conversion in streaming table will include automatic aggregation. Queries on this table will be rewritten into two parts, one part on the streaming data and another part on the pre-aggregated data. Since the pre-aggregated data is much less than original data, the query will be much faster. 

Supports Partition on Pre-Aggregate Table

If you create a Pre-Aggregate Table ('preaggregate' DataMap) on a partitioned main table, the Pre-Aggregate Table is also partitioned based on the same column. Since the partition is aligned, when you perform data management operation like create/drop/overwrite on the main table, the same operation will be done automatically on the aggregate table, keeping both in sync.

Materialized View (Alpha feature)

Materialized View is integrated as a DataMap in CarbonData. Comparing to "preaggregate" DataMap introduced in version 1.3.0, it covers more scenario for OLAP application. Currently, it supports SPJGH-like table (select-predicate-join-groupby-having) and user can follow existing DataMap statement (similar to CTAS statement) to  create, drop, show them. While querying, system finds good MVs based on cost for query rewrite to improve query performance. As an initial release of this feature, while we encourage user to try and test, it still has some limitation and will be improved in coming release.  

Enhancement for Detail Record Analysis

Supports Bloom Filter DataMap (Alpha feature)

CarbonData introduce BloomFilter as an index datamap to enhance the performance of querying with precise value. It is well suitable for queries that do precise match on high cardinality columns(such as Name/ID). In concurrent filter query scenario (on high cardinality column), we observes 3~5 times improvement in concurrent queries per second comparing to last version. For more detail, please refer to BloomFilter DataMap Guide

Supports Lucene DataMap for Text Search (Alpha feature)

Lucene is a high performance, full featured text search engine. In this version, Lucene is integrated to CarbonData as an DataMap and managed along with main tables. User can create Lucene DataMap to improve query performance on string columns which has content of more length. So, user can search tokenized word or pattern of it using lucene query on text content. For more detail, please refer to Lucene DataMap Guide

Supports Search Mode (Alpha feature)

In order to improve concurrent filter query performance, CarbonData supports a "Search Mode" to do query scheduling and query execution without using Spark Scheduler and Executor. In one of our test, it can achieve half latency comparing to using Spark for filter query on indexed column, from 1 second to 500 milliseconds.

Other Important Improvements

  • Improved EXPLAIN command output to show: whether the query is rewritten to use Pre-Aggregate Table or Materialized View, which index DataMap is hit, and how many blocklets are pruned.
  • Added log for performance tuning information, including driver side parsing and optimizer time, bock distribution info, carbon file IO read time, number of blocklet scanned, result filling time to spark, etc
  • Support compaction and loading in parallel.
  • Support separating visible and invisible segment metadata into two files and show them separately in SHOW SEGMENTS command
  • Support global sort option on partition table

  • Reduced object generation in global sorted table

  • Optimization on DESC command to show partition value and location for partitioned table

Please find the detailed JIRA list:



  • [CARBONDATA-1114] - Failed to run tests in windows env
  • [CARBONDATA-1990] - Null values shown when the basic word count example is tried on carbon streaming table
  • [CARBONDATA-2002] - Streaming segment status is not getting updated to finished or success
  • [CARBONDATA-2056] - Hadoop Configuration with access key and secret key should be passed while creating InputStream of distributed carbon file.
  • [CARBONDATA-2080] - Hadoop Conf not propagated from driver to executor in S3
  • [CARBONDATA-2085] - It's different between load twice and create datamap with load again after load data and create datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2130] - Find some Spelling error in CarbonData
  • [CARBONDATA-2147] - Exception displays while loading data with streaming
  • [CARBONDATA-2152] - Min function working incorrectly for string type with dictionary include in presto.
  • [CARBONDATA-2155] - IS NULL not working correctly on string datatype with dictionary_include in presto integration
  • [CARBONDATA-2161] - Compacted Segment of Streaming Table should update "mergeTo" column
  • [CARBONDATA-2194] - Exception message is improper when use incorrect bad record action type
  • [CARBONDATA-2198] - Streaming data to a table with bad_records_action as IGNORE throws ClassCastException
  • [CARBONDATA-2199] - Exception occurs when change the datatype of measure having sort_column
  • [CARBONDATA-2207] - TestCase Fails using Hive Metastore
  • [CARBONDATA-2208] - Pre aggregate datamap creation is failing when count(*) present in query
  • [CARBONDATA-2209] - Rename table with partitions not working issue and batch_sort and no_sort with partition table issue
  • [CARBONDATA-2211] - Alter Table Streaming DDL should blocking DDL like other DDL ( All DDL are blocking DDL)
  • [CARBONDATA-2213] - Wrong version in datamap example module cause compilation failure
  • [CARBONDATA-2216] - Error in compilation and execution in sdvtest
  • [CARBONDATA-2217] - nullpointer issue drop partition where column does not exists and clean files issue after second level of compaction
  • [CARBONDATA-2219] - Add validation for external partition location to use same schema
  • [CARBONDATA-2221] - Drop table should throw exception when metastore operation failed
  • [CARBONDATA-2222] - Update the FAQ doc for some mistakes
  • [CARBONDATA-2229] - Unable to save dataframe as carbontable with specified external database path
  • [CARBONDATA-2232] - Wrong logic in spilling unsafe pages to disk
  • [CARBONDATA-2235] - add system configuration to filter datamaps from show tables command
  • [CARBONDATA-2236] - Add SDV Test Cases for Standard Partition
  • [CARBONDATA-2237] - Scala Parser failures are accumulated into memory form thread local
  • [CARBONDATA-2241] - Wrong Query written in Preaggregation Document
  • [CARBONDATA-2244] - When there are some invisibility INSERT_IN_PROGRESS/INSERT_OVERWRITE_IN_PROGRESS segments on main table, it can not create preaggregate table on it.
  • [CARBONDATA-2248] - Removing parsers thread local objects after parsing of carbon query
  • [CARBONDATA-2249] - Not able to query data through presto with local carbondata-store
  • [CARBONDATA-2261] - Support Set segment command for Streaming Table
  • [CARBONDATA-2264] - There is error when we create table using CarbonSource
  • [CARBONDATA-2265] - [DFX]-Load]: Load job fails if 1 folder contains 1000 files
  • [CARBONDATA-2266] - All Examples are throwing NoSuchElement Exception in current master branch
  • [CARBONDATA-2274] - Partition table having more than 4 column giving zero record
  • [CARBONDATA-2275] - Query Failed for 0 byte deletedelta file
  • [CARBONDATA-2277] - Filter on default values are not working
  • [CARBONDATA-2287] - Add event to alter partition table
  • [CARBONDATA-2289] - If carbon merge index is enabled then after IUD operation if some blocks of a segment is deleted, then during query and IUD operation the driver is throwing FileNotFoundException while preparing BlockMetaInfo.
  • [CARBONDATA-2302] - Fix some bugs when separate visible and invisible segments info into two files
  • [CARBONDATA-2303] - If dataload is failed for parition table then cleanup is not working.
  • [CARBONDATA-2307] - OOM when using DataFrame.coalesce
  • [CARBONDATA-2308] - Compaction should be allow when loading is in progress
  • [CARBONDATA-2314] - Data mismatch in Pre-Aggregate table after Streaming load due to threadset issue
  • [CARBONDATA-2319] - carbon_scan_time and carbon_IO_time are incorrect in task statistics
  • [CARBONDATA-2320] - Fix error in lucene coarse grain datamap suite
  • [CARBONDATA-2321] - Selecton after a Concurrent Load Failing for Partition columns
  • [CARBONDATA-2327] - invalid schema name _system shows when executed show schemas in presto
  • [CARBONDATA-2329] - Non Serializable extra info in session is overwritten by values from thread
  • [CARBONDATA-2333] - Block insert overwrite on parent table if any of the child tables are not partitioned on the specified partition columns
  • [CARBONDATA-2335] - Autohandoff is failing when preaggregate is created on streaming table
  • [CARBONDATA-2337] - Fix duplicately acquiring 'streaming.lock' error when integrating with spark-streaming
  • [CARBONDATA-2343] - Improper filter resolver cause more filter scan on data that could be skipped
  • [CARBONDATA-2346] - Dropping partition failing with null error for Partition table with Pre-Aggregate tables
  • [CARBONDATA-2347] - Fix Functional issues in LuceneDatamap in load and query and make stable
  • [CARBONDATA-2350] - Fix bugs in minmax datamap example
  • [CARBONDATA-2364] - Remove useless and time consuming code block
  • [CARBONDATA-2366] - Concurrent Datamap creation is failing when using hive metastore
  • [CARBONDATA-2374] - Fix bugs in minmax datamap example
  • [CARBONDATA-2386] - Query on Pre-Aggregate table is slower
  • [CARBONDATA-2391] - Thread leak in compaction operation if prefetch is enabled and compaction process is killed
  • [CARBONDATA-2394] - Setting segments in thread local space but not getting reflected in the driver
  • [CARBONDATA-2401] - Date and Timestamp options are not working in SDK
  • [CARBONDATA-2406] - Dictionary Server and Dictionary Client MD5 Validation failed with hive.server2.enable.doAs = true
  • [CARBONDATA-2408] - Before register to master, the master maybe not finished the start service.
  • [CARBONDATA-2410] - Error message correction when column value length exceeds 320000 charactor
  • [CARBONDATA-2413] - After running CarbonWriter, there is null directory about datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2417] - SDK writer goes to infinite wait when consumer thread goes dead
  • [CARBONDATA-2419] - sortColumns Order we are getting wrong as we set for external table is fixed
  • [CARBONDATA-2426] - IOException after compaction on Pre-Aggregate table on Partition table
  • [CARBONDATA-2427] - Fix SearchMode Serialization Issue during Load
  • [CARBONDATA-2431] - Incremental data added after table creation is not reflecting while doing select query.
  • [CARBONDATA-2432] - BloomFilter DataMap should be contained in carbon assembly jar
  • [CARBONDATA-2435] - SDK dependency Spark jar
  • [CARBONDATA-2436] - Block pruning problem post the carbon schema restructure.
  • [CARBONDATA-2437] - Complex Type data loading is failing is for null values
  • [CARBONDATA-2438] - Remove spark/hadoop related classes in carbon assembly
  • [CARBONDATA-2439] - Update guava version for bloom datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2440] - In SDK user can not specified the Unsafe memory , so it should take complete from Heap , and it should not be sorted using unsafe.
  • [CARBONDATA-2441] - Implement distribute interface for bloom datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2442] - Reading two sdk writer output with differnt schema should prompt exception
  • [CARBONDATA-2463] - if two insert operations are running concurrently 1 task fails and causes wrong no of records in select
  • [CARBONDATA-2464] - Fixed OOM in case of complex type
  • [CARBONDATA-2465] - Improve the carbondata file reliability in data load when direct hdfs write is enabled
  • [CARBONDATA-2468] - sortcolumns considers all dimension also if few columns specified for sort_columns prop
  • [CARBONDATA-2469] - External Table must show its location instead of default store path in describe formatted
  • [CARBONDATA-2472] - Refactor NonTransactional table code for Index file IO performance
  • [CARBONDATA-2476] - Fix bug in bloom datamap cache
  • [CARBONDATA-2477] - No dictionary Complex type with double/date/decimal data type table creation is failing
  • [CARBONDATA-2479] - Multiple issue in sdk writer and external table flow
  • [CARBONDATA-2480] - Search mode RuntimeException: Error while resolving filter expression
  • [CARBONDATA-2486] - set search mode information is not updated in the documentation
  • [CARBONDATA-2487] - Block filters for lucene with more than one text_match udf
  • [CARBONDATA-2489] - Fix coverity reported warnings
  • [CARBONDATA-2492] - Thread leak issue in case of any data load failure
  • [CARBONDATA-2493] - DataType.equals() failes for complex types
  • [CARBONDATA-2498] - Change CarbonWriterBuilder interface to take schema while creating writer
  • [CARBONDATA-2503] - Data write fails if empty value is provided for sort columns in sdk
  • [CARBONDATA-2520] - datamap writers are not getting closed on task failure
  • [CARBONDATA-2538] - No exception is thrown if writer path has only lock files
  • [CARBONDATA-2545] - Fix some spell error in CarbonData
  • [CARBONDATA-2552] - Fix Data Mismatch for Complex Data type Array of Timestamp with Dictionary Include
  • [CARBONDATA-2555] - SDK Reader should have isTransactionalTable = false by default, to be inline with SDK writer

New Feature


  • [CARBONDATA-1663] - Decouple spark in carbon modules
  • [CARBONDATA-2018] - Optimization in reading/writing for sort temp row during data loading
  • [CARBONDATA-2032] - Skip writing final data files to local disk to save disk IO in data loading
  • [CARBONDATA-2099] - Refactor on query scan process to improve readability
  • [CARBONDATA-2139] - Optimize CTAS documentation and test case
  • [CARBONDATA-2140] - Presto Integration - Code Refactoring
  • [CARBONDATA-2148] - Use Row parser to replace current default parser:CSVStreamParserImp
  • [CARBONDATA-2159] - Remove carbon-spark dependency for sdk module
  • [CARBONDATA-2168] - Support global sort on partition tables
  • [CARBONDATA-2184] - Improve memory reuse for heap memory in `HeapMemoryAllocator`
  • [CARBONDATA-2187] - Restructure the partition folders as per the standard hive folders
  • [CARBONDATA-2196] - during stream sometime carbontable is null in executor side
  • [CARBONDATA-2204] - Access tablestatus file too many times during query
  • [CARBONDATA-2223] - Adding Listener Support for Partition
  • [CARBONDATA-2226] - Refactor UT's to remove duplicate test scenarios to improve CI time for PreAggregate create and drop feature
  • [CARBONDATA-2227] - Add Partition Values and Location information in describe formatted for Standard partition feature
  • [CARBONDATA-2230] - Add a path into table path to store lock files and delete useless segment lock files before loading
  • [CARBONDATA-2231] - Refactor FT's to remove duplicate test scenarios to improve CI time for Streaming feature
  • [CARBONDATA-2234] - Support UTF-8 with BOM encoding in CSVInputFormat
  • [CARBONDATA-2250] - Reduce massive object generation in global sort
  • [CARBONDATA-2251] - Refactored sdv failures running on different environment
  • [CARBONDATA-2254] - Optimize CarbonData documentation
  • [CARBONDATA-2255] - Should rename the streaming examples to make it easy to understand
  • [CARBONDATA-2256] - Adding sdv Testcases for SET_Parameter_Dynamically_Feature
  • [CARBONDATA-2258] - Separate visible and invisible segments info into two files to reduce the size of tablestatus file.
  • [CARBONDATA-2260] - CarbonThriftServer should support S3 carbon table
  • [CARBONDATA-2271] - Collect SQL execution information to driver side
  • [CARBONDATA-2285] - spark integration code refactor
  • [CARBONDATA-2295] - Add UNSAFE_WORKING_MEMORY_IN_MB as a configuration parameter in presto integration
  • [CARBONDATA-2298] - Delete segment lock files before update metadata
  • [CARBONDATA-2299] - Support showing all segment information(include visible and invisible segments)
  • [CARBONDATA-2304] - Enhance compaction performance by enabling prefetch
  • [CARBONDATA-2310] - Refactored code to improve Distributable interface
  • [CARBONDATA-2315] - DataLoad is showing success and failure message in log,when no data is loaded into table during LOAD
  • [CARBONDATA-2316] - Even though one of the Compaction task failed at executor. All the executor task is showing success in UI and Job fails from driver.
  • [CARBONDATA-2317] - concurrent datamap with same name and schema creation throws exception
  • [CARBONDATA-2324] - Support config ExecutorService in search mode
  • [CARBONDATA-2325] - Page level uncompress and Query performance improvement for Unsafe No Dictionary
  • [CARBONDATA-2338] - Add example to upload data to S3 by using SDK
  • [CARBONDATA-2341] - Add CleanUp for Pre-Aggregate table
  • [CARBONDATA-2353] - Add cache for DataMap schema provider to avoid IO for each read
  • [CARBONDATA-2357] - Add column name and index mapping in lucene datamap writer
  • [CARBONDATA-2358] - Dataframe overwrite does not work properly if the table is already created and has deleted segments
  • [CARBONDATA-2365] - Add QueryExecutor in SearchMode for row-based CarbonRecordReader
  • [CARBONDATA-2375] - Add CG prune before FG prune
  • [CARBONDATA-2376] - Improve Lucene datamap performance by eliminating blockid while writing and reading index.
  • [CARBONDATA-2379] - Support Search mode run in the cluster and fix some error
  • [CARBONDATA-2381] - Improve compaction performance by filling batch result in columnar format and performing IO at blocklet level
  • [CARBONDATA-2384] - SDK support write/read data into/from S3
  • [CARBONDATA-2390] - Refresh Lucene data map for the exists table with data
  • [CARBONDATA-2392] - Add close method for CarbonReader
  • [CARBONDATA-2396] - Add CTAS support for using DataSource Syntax
  • [CARBONDATA-2404] - Add documentation for using carbondata and stored as carbondata
  • [CARBONDATA-2407] - Removed All Unused Executor BTree code
  • [CARBONDATA-2414] - Optimize documents for sort_column_bounds
  • [CARBONDATA-2422] - Search mode Master port should be dynamic
  • [CARBONDATA-2448] - Adding compacted segments to load and alter events
  • [CARBONDATA-2454] - Add false positive probability property for bloom filter datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2455] - Fix _System Folder creation and lucene AND,OR,NOT Filter fix
  • [CARBONDATA-2458] - Remove unnecessary TableProvider interface
  • [CARBONDATA-2459] - Support cache for bloom datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2467] - Null is printed in the SDK writer logs for operations logged
  • [CARBONDATA-2470] - Refactor AlterTableCompactionPostStatusUpdateEvent usage in compaction flow
  • [CARBONDATA-2473] - Support Materialized View as enhanced Preaggregate DataMap
  • [CARBONDATA-2494] - Improve Lucene datamap size and performnace.
  • [CARBONDATA-2495] - Add document for bloomfilter datamap
  • [CARBONDATA-2496] - Chnage the bloom implementation to hadoop for better performance and compression
  • [CARBONDATA-2524] - Support create carbonReader with default projection