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The following guidance is specific to the indicated version changes.  It will contain specific items that users should be aware of when moving between versions:

  • Migration to 0.5.0
    • The Proxy permissions were made more granular and now support specific permissions for Read, Write, and Delete. Any existing users that were granted the Proxy permission will end up with only Write permissions and will need to be granted Read and Delete. This primarily impacts the users that represent NiFi instances which will need Read and Write permissions to Proxy, in order to perform operations on behalf of the end users in NiFi.

  • Migration to 0.4.0
    • A new provider must be defined in providers.xml for extension bundles. Compare the providers.xml that comes with the release to your existing providers.xml and update accordingly.
    • A new optional config file was added called registry-aliases.xml, add this to your conf directory if desired and see for how to reference it.
    • New optional properties for transforming identities to lower/upper case were added to, compare your existing file to the one from the release and update accordingly.