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  1. Check "Enable Git validated merge support" and "Build pull requests to the repository" in your build config
  2. Webhooks should go through the relay, in the past you had to:
    1. Create two webhooks (this should be automatic, but it might not be) on your GH repo 
      1. (pull_request)
      2. (push)
  3. Add asfbot as a Collaborator and set it to Admin
  4. Set "Branches to build" → "Branch Specifier (blank for 'any')" to the branch you'd like to build. Careful: if you set it to any, then any comment/close/whatever will kick off a build. You can set this to */master, so any merged PR to master would kick off a build.
  5. Kick off a PR
  6. Example config

For multi-repo/catchall webhook setups (like sling-*.git), refer to relay.yaml in p3/modules/gitbox/files/conf for the multi-repo relay script.