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Teradata can use TPT(Teradata Parallel Transporter) or BTEQ(Basic Teradata Query) to generate the data file. The Teradata Binary data file, however, uses specific encoding method and cannot export and import data files compressed by gzip in very high speed. However such binary files are encoded in Teradata’s proprietary format and can’t be directly consumed by Hive if there is no without a customized SerDe.

The TeradataBinarySerde allows enables users to read or write Teradata binary data as Hive Tables which can:

  • Directly consume the Teradata Binary data file


    which is exported by TPT/BTEQ and then registered in Hive

  • Directly generate Generate the Teradata Binary data file that can be directly loaded by TPT in Hive and directly load it via TPT/BTEQ into Teradata

How to export

The TeradataBinarySerde supports data files in 'Formatted' or 'Formatted4' mode with the restrictions 


  • Only support simple data type listed above, the simple other data type like INTERVAL, TIME, NUMBER, CLOB, BLOB in Teradata is are not yet supported.
  • Doesn't support the complex data type like such as ARRAY, MAP.