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Dedicated Wiki for Apache NetBeans 10 features:


Release 10 tracking issue: NETBEANS-1321


Other work done in the Apache NetBeans 10.0 timeframe:

  • 2nd donation completed and most of the relicensing done.
  • NetBeans brand and domain donation to Apache.
  • Apache NetBeans GitHub per-cluster restructuring.


serverASF JIRA

Vote Threads

NetBeans 10.0 has 3 voting candidates the first was released with a voting thread, though no voting has happened on that. the second one has been released with the knowledge that there would be a third one released soon., so it went without a real voting thread. Just for the reference the threads are:

  1. Apache NetBeans 10.0 VC1:
  2. Apache NetBeans 10.0 VC2:

PPMC Vote Thread on Apache NetBeans 10.0 VC3:

PPMC Result Thread on Apache NetBeans 10.0 VC3:

IPMC Vote Thread: