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Welcome to the Apache Geronimo v2.1 2 documentation. This is a work in progress and at this point in time we are starting to outline the new features that will become part of this new release, so expect this documentation documentation is to be updated frequently. Look into here to find out which topics are being updated and which ones are completed.

To help you find the content you are looking for we are separating the documentation in two main groups, User's guide and Developer's guide.



User's guide

into different chapters. In a nutshell, you can play with Geronimo by building, deploying and administering, and you can also learn how to develop applications and to get the most of them (and your time) when deploying to Geronimo.

So, how are we doing this? Check this out!


User's Guide


Developer's guide

  • Development environment
    • Installing eclipse
    • Creating a new project
    • Configuring your development environment
    • Installing geronimo plugins
    • Defining servers
  • Geronimo architecture
    • JEE spec compliance
    • Components/modules
      • Containers
      • Services
      • Database
      • Persistence
      • Web services
      • Security
      • Resource adapters
    • Maven
    • Geronimo plugin architecture
    • Plugable console
    • Repositories
    • GBeans
    • Classloaders
    • APIs
    • Configuration
  • Tutorials
    **Web applications
    ***Web application for JMS access
    ***Web Application for EJB access
    ***Web Application for JDBC access
    • Java Server Faces
      -Developing a web application with JSF
      -AJAX with JSF
      -Using JSP Immediate Expressions to access JSF
      -User Interface development with JSF
      -JSF application to perform create, delete, update operation against a database table
    • Application clients
      -Application client accessing EJB
    • EJB applications
      -Stateless Session Bean
      -Stateful Session Bean
      -Message Driven Bean
      -Container Managed Persistance with JPA
      -Bean Managed Persistance with JPA
    • Web services
      -Building JAX-WS pojo web service
      -Building JAX-WS EJB stateless session bean web services
      -RESTFUL Web Services
      -SAAJ Web Services
      -MTOM Web Services
      -WS Addressing
    • Securing your applications
    • Persistence
      -Using Java Persistence API in application client
      -Working with JSF and JPA
    • Annotations
      -JAX-WS web service and client using annotations
    • Extending Geronimo
    • Portlets