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  • Doc generation: Compile documentation during build stage instead of publish stage. Duration has increased from 1min to 9min (critical path).
  • Scala/Julia: MXNet native library is compiled during test stage. Dependencies are downloaded every time. This adds about 5 minutes each.
  • R: Dependencies are downloaded every time. This adds about 8 minutes each.

This can be solved by installing dependencies in the Docker install stage (which we are caching) and precompiling during build stage. This is especially important because CPU heavy tasks should not be executed on GPU instances.

Speed up Windows slaves

Windows slaves have a high start up time (about 30 minutes) and are slower at executing tests. Python 3 GPU, for example, takes 28 minutes on Ubuntu while the raw execution time on Windows is 45 minutes. The former can be resolved by having a larger warm pool while the latter has to be investigated and might be a performance bottleneck that has to be investigated.