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KIP-59: Proposal for a kafka broker commandSent emails to Dev discussion group. Work tracked under KAFKA-3663.
KIP-125: ZookeeperConsumerConnector to KafkaConsumer Migration and Rollback 
KIP-131 - Add access to OffsetStorageReader from SourceConnector 
KIP-135 : Send of null key to a compacted topic should throw non-retriable error back to user 
KIP 141 - ProducerRecord & SourceRecord: Add timestamp constructors 
KIP-142: Add ListTopicsRequest to efficiently list all the topics in a cluster 
KIP-148: Add a connect timeout for client 
KIP-158: Kafka Connect should allow source connectors to set topic-specific settings for new topics 
KIP-159: Introducing Rich functions to Streams 
KIP-165: Extend Interactive Queries for return latest update timestamp per key


KIP-166 - Add a tool to make amounts of replicas and leaders on brokers balanced 
KIP-169 - Lag-Aware Partition Assignment Strategy 
KIP-178: Size-based log directory selection strategy


KIP-185: Make exactly once in order delivery the default producer setting

KIP-193: Add SchemaBuilder.from(Schema) 
KIP-199: Add Kafka Connect offset tool 
KIP-201: Rationalising Policy interfaces 
KIP-209: Connection String Support 
KIP-213 Support non-key joining in KTable 
KIP-216: IQ should throw different exceptions for different errors 
KIP-217: Expose a timeout to allow an expired ZK session to be re-created 
KIP-221: Repartition Topic Hints in Streams 
KIP-228 Negative record timestamp supportVoting in progress
KIP-234: add support for getting topic defaults from AdminClient 
KIP-235: Add DNS alias support for secured connectionAccepted
KIP-236: Interruptible Partition Reassignment 
KIP-240: AdminClient.listReassignments() AdminClient.describeReassignments() 
KIP-242: Mask password in Kafka Connect Rest API response 
KIP-248 - Create New ConfigCommand That Uses The New AdminClientVoting in progress (pending on more binding votes)
KIP-250 Add Support for Quorum-based Producer Acknowledgment 
KIP-252 - Extend ACLs to allow filtering based on ip ranges and subnets 
KIP-253: Support in-order message delivery with partition expansion Discussion
KIP-254: JsonConverter Exception Handeling 
KIP-258: Allow to Store Record Timestamps in RocksDBdepends on KIP-268
KIP-259: Improve Streams DSL Timestamp Propagation Semantics 
KIP-260: add primary join operation for Stream-Stream join (WIP)Draft
KIP-262: Metadata should include number of state stores for taskdepends on KIP-268
KIP-264: Add a consumer metric to record raw fetch sizeVoting in progress
KIP-271: Add NetworkClient redirectorDiscussion
KIP-273: Kafka to support using ETCD beside ZookeeperDiscussion
KIP-275 - Indicate "isClosing" in the SinkTaskContextVoting in progress
KIP-280: Enhanced log compactionDiscussion

KIP-291: Separating controller connections and requests from the data plane

KIP-293 Add new metrics for consumer/replication fetch requestsVoting in progress
KIP-296: Add connector level configurability for producer/consumer client configs Discussion
KIP-300: Add Windowed KTable API in StreamsBuilderDiscussion
KIP-301: Schema Inferencing for JsonConverterDiscussion
KIP-304: Connect runtime mode improvements for container platformsDiscussion
KIP-314: KTable to GlobalKTable Bi-directional JoinDiscussion
KIP-315: Stream Join Sticky AssignorDiscussion
KIP-316: Command-line overrides for ConnectDistributed worker propertiesDiscussion
KIP-317: Add transparent data encryption functionalityDiscussion
KIP-320: Allow fetchers to detect and handle log truncationDiscussion
KIP-325: Extend Consumer Group Command to Show Beginning OffsetsVoting in Progress
KIP-326: Schedulable KTable as Graph sourceDiscussion
KIP-331 Add default implementation to close() and configure() for Serializer, Deserializer and SerdeDiscussion
KIP-333: Add faster mode of rebalancingDiscussion
KIP-334 - Include partitions in exceptions raised during consumer record deserialization/validation
KIP-335: Consider configurations for KafkaStreams


KIP-345: Reduce multiple consumer rebalances by specifying member id
KIP-346 - Improve LogCleaner behavior on error
KIP-347: Enable batching in FindCoordinatorRequestDiscussion
KIP-348 Eliminate null from SourceTask#poll()
KIP-350: Allow to take brokerid as parameter to show partitions associated with it
KIP-351: Add --critical-partitions option to describe topics commandDiscussion
KIP-354: Add a Maximum Log Compaction LagDiscussion
KIP-356: Add KafkaConsumer fetch-error-rate and fetch-error-total metricsDiscussion
KIP-360: Improve handling of unknown producerDiscussion
KIP-362: Support Dynamic Session WindowDiscussion
KIP-363: Allow performance tools to print final results to output fileDiscussion
KIP-370: Remove Orphan PartitionsDiscussion
KIP-373: Allow users to create delegation tokens for other usersDiscussion
KIP-374: Add '--help' option to all available Kafka CLI commandsDiscussion
KIP-375: Kafka Clients - make Metadata#TOPIC_EXPIRY_MS configurableDiscussion
KIP-376: Implement AutoClosable on appropriate classes that want to be used in a try-with-resource statementDiscussion
KIP-377: TopicCommand to use AdminClientDiscussion
KIP-378: Enable Dependency Injection for Kafka Streams handlersDiscussion

KIP-379: Multiple Consumer Group Management

KIP-380: Detect outdated control requests and bounced brokers using broker generationDiscussion
KIP-381: Connect: Tell about records that had their offsets flushed in callback

Discussion, JIRA exists with pull-request