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This KIP proposes an improvement that allows us to control whether we want to use instead of throwing away the prefetched data, simply return it along with the rest of the records coming from partitions that are not in paused state. This shall allow the client of the API to store that data and process it when ready instead of causing it to be fetched once again.

Public Interfaces

We add a boolean configuration parameter -, which defaults to false. This will cause the KafkaConsumer to return data that has already been prefetched even if the topic partition is in paused state.

Public Interfaces

No change

Proposed Changes

The change being proposed here is simply using the configuration parameter in the Fetcher class in order to opt out of aways throwing away prefetched data for partitions that are not throw the prefetched data and keep it around until the partition is resumed and polled again. 

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

No breaking changes.

Rejected Alternatives