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Comment: Migration to use the canonical gradle directory layout / project naming [BEAM-4046]

How do I set up the configuration of



You need to add a under the directory of java test and then add the following snippets into your build.gradle file.


How do I run a single test?

./gradlew :beam-examples-:java:test --tests org.apache.beam.examples.subprocess.ExampleEchoPipelineTest --info


Before running command, remember to configure your gcloud credentials. Add GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to your env variables.

./gradlew :beam-runners-:google-cloud-dataflow-java-:examples:preCommitLegacyWorker -PdataflowProject=<GcpProjectName> -Pproject=<GcpProjectName> -PgcpProject=<GcpProjectName> -PgcsTempRoot=<Gcs location in format: gs://..., no trailing slash> -PdataflowTempRoot=<Gcs location in format: gs://...>

./gradlew :beam-runners-:google-cloud-dataflow-java-:examples:preCommitFnApiWorker -PdataflowProject=<GcpProjectName> -Pproject=<GcpProjectName> -PgcpProject=<GcpProjectName>  -PgcsTempRoot=<Gcs location in format: gs://..., no trailing slash> -PdataflowTempRoot=<Gcs location in format: gs://..., no trailing slash> -PdockerImageRoot=<docker image store location in format>


  1. Refresh tradle project in IntelliJ
  2. Close intellij
  3. clean build project from console (./gradlew clean cleanTest build -x testWebsite -x :rat -x test)
  4. Open IntelliJ

What command should I run locally before creating a pull request?

We recommend running this command, in order to catch common style issues, potential bugs (using code analysis), and javadoc issues before creating a pull request. Running this takes 5-10 minutes.

Code Block
./gradlew spotlessApply && ./gradlew checkstyleMain checkstyleTest javadoc spotbugsMain compileJava compileTestJava

If you don't run this locally, they will be ran during presubmit, by Jenkins. However, if these fail during presubmit, you may not see the output of test failures. So doing this first is recommended to make your development process a bit smoother and iterate on your PR until it passes the presubmit.