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Building the website

Review: How to Build the Website Copy the docs/settings.ini file to settings. Update settings to turn off (set to 0) all of the doc sets. Python runs by default. To run only Python, your settings would look like:

clojure_docs = 0
doxygen_docs = 0
r_docs = 0
scala_docs = 0

Then copy settings over settings.ini. This way when you checkout again and lose your settings.ini, you can easily overwrite it again with your local settings file.

If you need to build a different doc set like Scala, you would set scala_docs = 1.

Tip for building and seeing Sphinx errors:

Sphinx caches the files between builds, so you will not see the error messages until you touch a page and it regenerates it. To get a full output, from the /docs/python_docs/python folder, run:

cd docs # from mxnet root
make clean
make html USE_OPENMP=1

Writing Docs

Docs are written in a combination of markdown and restructured text (rst). When the docs are built Sphinx will convert markdown to an intermediate rst format or incorporate regular rst before converting everything to an html output for the website.