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  • 2018-11-15 Meeting Notes

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  1. Status Updates
    1. release manager for 4.9
    2. Enrico cuts 4.8.1 release
    3. Enrico is working on JDK12 compatibility (
  2. BPs
  3. PRs



JV, Charan, Enrico


  • We have to re-think about Community meetings, too few attendees, should we change hour of the meeting (8 AM is too early in the morning) ?
  • Enrico talked about OpenJDK and the opportunity to use newer JDKs, so to use new APIs which able to leverage CPU low level instructions (Hotspot Intrinsics)
  • Charan is working on Clusterwise Durability Checks
  • Andrey is working on client-server tracing of calls