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Page Flow

  • return to the page you were editing, or one just above it, not out to the list of groups

Error Handling

  • No stack traces displayed to users
  • Application should not hang when an error occurs (release rollback)


  • Plain text svn passwords stored in the database
  • Ability to run scripts as the continuum user
  • Protect the installation and system configuration files that contain database passwords, etc


    • Audit log of all actions
    • Ability to pre-configure all configuration items in plain text
    • Clean shut-down from the Web UI or remotely with a script


    • Bookmark friendly urls (just necessary ids, no name/description)
    • Finer grained configuration, such as notifiers at the build definition level instead of project group


    • Ability to change the default email template
    • Easily drop in a new notifier