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  • SHOULD back port bug-fixes to the 2 last versions (e.g., once 1.7 is released, include them in master, release-1.7, release-1.6).
    • Changes that affect Flink's behavior (in a way that could break setups) SHOULD NOT be back-ported.
  • MUST close the JIRA
    • Add a comment listing the commit hash for each branch respectively.
    • Check the JIRA data title
      • Title, components, type and
      • assignee are accurate
      • Title is meaningful
      • FixVersion covers all versions.
        • For release-X.Y branches, pick the next upcoming release version.
        • For master branch, include the next release version (e.g. 1.8.0), unless it was also merged for the first release in the previous series (1.7.0).

Best practice handling test failures: