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maven-reporting-api is included in Maven 2.x releases, but has moved to Maven Shared Components for 3.0 release: it is not included in Maven 3 any more.

Wiki MarkupMaven \ [2.0.2;2.0.7\] contains doxia-sink-api 1.0-alpha-7
Maven 2.0.8 contains doxia-sink-api 1.0-alpha-9
Maven 2.0.9 contains doxia-sink-api 1.0-alpha-10, equivalent to alpha-9
Maven 2.0.10 contains doxia-sink-api 1.0-alpha-11, equivalent to alpha-9
Maven 2.0.11 contains doxia-sink-api 1.0, equivalent to alpha-9

Maven Shared: maven-reporting-impl