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Comment: Note that error 404 is shown only after a sign-in. (I cannot test now, but I think it is, IIRC)


  • Join Tomcat translations project.
    A public link, available to everyone. Once you join the project, you can access it via Dashboard page at POEditor site.
  • View Tomcat translations project.
    This page lists translation status for each language and provides additional controls.
    Note: Accessing this page requires additional privileges. An error 404 is shown if If you do not have them, an error 404 is shown after your sign-in.

Key points:

  • The Export/Import code that copies to/from POEditor prefixes each property key with the package name to ensure that the keys are always unique.
  • In POEditor the keys are known as terms.
  • If a value contains a {n} sequence (usually written as [{n}] to distinguish a value from the surrounding text) then it will be processed by a MessageFormatter which means any single quotes must be escaped by using two single quotes.
  • The Manager and Host Manager applications use messages that start with "OK - " to indicate success of an operation. This prefix has to be preserved when translating. See Bug 63141 for details.