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An 'undefined' page is any page that has been linked to from within Confluence, but that does not yet exist.

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Undefined Page Linked From
...&q=\{!func\}geodist()&sfield=store&pt=45.15,-93.85&sort=score asc Page: SpatialSearch (SOLR)
...&q=\{!func\}min(geodist(store,37.7,-122.4),geodist(store,39.7,-105))&sort=score%20asc Page: SpatialSearch (SOLR)
...&sfield=store&pt=45.15,-93.85&facet.query=\{!geofilt d=10 key=d10\}&facet.query=\{!geofilt d=20 key=d20\}&facet.query=\{!geofilt d=50 key=d50\} Page: SpatialSearch (SOLR)
...&sfield=store&pt=45.15,-93.85&sort=score%20asc&q=\{!func\}geodist() Page: SpatialSearch (SOLR)
ActiveRecord Page: Ruby Response Format (SOLR)
AppServer Page: OldSolrUI (SOLR)
ApplicationListener Page: DataImportHandler (SOLR)
ArabicLetterTokenizerFactory Page: LanguageAnalysis (SOLR)
ArabicNormalizationFilterFactory Page: MultitermQueryAnalysis (SOLR)
ArrayAccess Page: SolPHP (SOLR)
AsciiDoctor Page: HowToContribute (SOLR)
Atomic_Updates Page: HowToReindex (SOLR)
Page: SolrPerformanceProblems (SOLR)
Page: WikiManualComparison (SOLR)
Page: Optimistic Concurrency (SOLR)
Page: UpdateXmlMessages (SOLR)
BasicAuth Page: ReleaseNote772 (SOLR)
BinaryUpdateRequestHandler Page: SolrRequestHandler (SOLR)
BooleanQuery Page: CoreAdmin (SOLR)
Page: AnalyzersTokenizersTokenFilters (SOLR)
Page: FAQ (SOLR)
BoolenQuery Page: FAQ (SOLR)
Business%20Rules Page: WikiManualComparison (SOLR)
BusinessRules Page: WikiManualComparison (SOLR)
ByteArrayUtf8CharSequence Page: ReleaseNote772 (SOLR)
CacheRegenerator Page: SolrPlugins (SOLR)
CachedSqlEntityProcessor Page: DataImportHandler (SOLR)
CategoryCategory Page: CategoryQueryResponseWriter (SOLR)
Page: CategorySolrRequestHandler (SOLR)
CategoryHomepage Page: DavidSmiley (SOLR)
Page: TadhgMulkern (SOLR)
Page: Nitin.sharma (SOLR)
Page: FrankWesemann (SOLR)
Page: Huyuchengus (SOLR)
and approximately 24 more…
CharFilter Page: AnalyzersTokenizersTokenFilters (SOLR)
CharFilters Page: MultitermQueryAnalysis (SOLR)
CheckIndex Page: ReleaseNote55 (SOLR)
ClobTransformer Page: DataImportHandler (SOLR)
CloudSolrServer Page: SolrCloud (SOLR)
Page: Solrj (SOLR)
Page: LBHttpSolrServer (SOLR)
CodecFactory Page: SimpleTextCodecExample (SOLR)
CollapseComponent Page: FieldCollapsingUncommitted (SOLR)
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