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Set the following system properties

  • org.apache.tomcat.websocket.DISABLE_BUILTIN_EXTENSIONS=true
  • org.apache.tomcat.websocket.ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSIONS=true
  • org.apache.tomcat.websocket.DEFAULT_PROCESS_PERIOD=0

Make the following changes to server.xml

  • add backgroundProcessorDelay="1" to the <Engine ... > element

Test Suite

Download latest promoted build


Edit $WEBSOCKET_TCK_HOME/bin/ts.jte

You'll need to set the following properties (adjust the paths and values for your environment)


Add the following to the command.testExecute property (to prevent entropy issues slowing the tests down)

Do not reduce ws_wait below the default of 5s as it is likely to trigger test failures.

Run ant gui

Accept the defaults and then run the tests

Expected results (Java EE 8)

A default 9.0.x build (as of yyyy-mm-dd) without any configuration triggers 20 test failures

To be confirmed. Tomcat 9 was last tested with a nightly build of the WebSocket 1.1 TCK. It has yet to be tested with the 1.1.1 release of the TCK.

2 unclear specification

11 Faulty tests

5 Tests 'fixed' by appropriate system property configuration (see above)

  • 4 x extensions (TCK assumes invalid extensions are ignored)
  • 1 x timeout related test expects more frequent expiration checks

2 Tests 'fixed' by appropriate server.xml configuration

  • 2 x timeout related tests requiring even more frequent expiration checks
    • Still see intermittent failures on these

A further 19 test failures caused by Tomcat bugs have been fixed

  • 4 x Deployment failure didn't undeploy all WebSockets
  • 4 x @PathParam not validated for correct type
  • 6 x Throw DeploymentException rather than IAE
  • 1 x Improve checking of multiple @OnMessage for the same type
  • 4 x exception in encoder leading (incorrectly) to empty message
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