NOTE:  Apache Fineract-CN has not yet been formally released.  A release is a necessary step to gain legitimacy.  We hope that this will occur with help from a community of volunteer devs. 

(This is not the main Fineract1.x project.) 

Apache Fineract CN is an Application Framework for Digital Financial Services.  It is a system to support nationwide financial transactions and to support the creation of an inclusive, interconnected digital economy for every nation in the world.

The Mifos I/O codebase has been donated to Apache Fineract as Apache Fineract CN. It is now available via Apache Infrastructure. You can find the repositories in Github under Search for "fineract-cn" to find the repositories you need to fork. Please no longer use No one has access to the mifosio repositories to merge your pull requests. 

Executive Summary

With the rise of mobile devices and fast access to any type of data, consumers are moving away from locked-in solutions and to open and fast continuous innovation. We need to build systems that allow continuous innovation for any vendor to serve the needs of their customer. The sheer number of user transactions requires a solution that is ephemeral, scalable, and agile. This solution needs to

  • run in the cloud, 
  • support any client device, and 
  • connect to legacy data and processes via APIs.

This change of paradigms implies a cultural change within any organization. It is about right-sizing digital innovation and focusing on cycle time optimization. It is important to continuously deliver innovations, while lowering the impact of delivering new features on the overall solution. This can only be solved when boundaries are removed, bringing development and operations close together, allowing them to collaborate for the good of the user. To keep continuous innovation agile and focused, small teams with faster tools are needed to build solutions instead of fighting over responsibilities.

This has led us to the conclusion that the time has come to create a cloud-native, service-oriented framework to build digital financial services.

In Design Principles, Patterns & Architecture the overall approach, covers topics such as CQRS, microservices, "statelessness", and composition of microservices at a high level. 

In Fineract CN Project Structure each of the microservices is listed in a hierarchy with links to the github repositories. Note that in a microservices architecture each service has its own repository.  

In Apache Fineract CN Community Roadmap a phased approach to get to a release is described, with intentions. 

In How To Build Apache Fineract CN , developers are invited to get an instance up and running 

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