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Release Notes -- Apache Geronimo -- Version 2.1.4

Geronimo URLs
Home Page:
Mailing Lists:
Source Code:
Bug Tracking:

Please see for the
latest documentation on this release.

System Requirements
You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+) or greater.

Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Geronimo 2.1 Enhancements

Custom server assemblies
- Lightweight server assemblies may be created that contain only the functional 
  components required by your application(s).

Flexible admin console
- The admin console is now component-based to mirror the server capabilities. 
  This allows the admin console to provide flexible administrative capabilities 
  that will mirrors the capabilities of a custom server assembly.

- GShell is a command-line processing environment that can be used for the execution
  of Geronimo commands. GShell is an extensible environment and includes support
  for editing, command history, and tab completion. 

Clustering Support
- WADI can now be used to support clustering of web applications for Geronimo configurations 
  which use the Tomcat Web Container (WADI support for Jetty was in previous releases). 
- Applications can be deployed to administratively-defined groups of Geronimo servers

Monitoring Console Plugin
- The monitoring console plugin provides monitoring support in the Geronimo admin console. 
  The monitoring console can gather statistics and performance data from multiple Geronimo 
  servers and graphically display this data to users.

Plan Creator (added in Geronimo 2.1.2)
- Plan Creator is a new portlet added to administration console to simplify the creation of 
  Geronimo specific deployment plans. Given a web application archive (war), Plan Creator walks 
  the user through a sequence of steps and generates geronimo-web.xml automatically.

Geronimo 2.1.4 Issues Resolved
** Bug
    * [GERONIMO-3838] - Close potential denial of service attack vector (OOM) in Tomcat session handling
    * [GERONIMO-4037] - Geronimo 2.0.3 (and I guess at least 2.0.2) can't run  with a security manager settled from the command line using
    * [GERONIMO-4071] - car-maven-plugin should be able to download provided dependencies
    * [GERONIMO-4093] - gsh scripts are not using setjavaenv or optional setenv script
    * [GERONIMO-4141] - The war exported as a geronimo plugin in admin console cannot be installed with install-plugin command of deploy.bat|.sh
    * [GERONIMO-4178] - Misleading errors during deployment when missing entries in openejb-jar.xml
    * [GERONIMO-4210] - EJB Injection in JSF Managed Bean
    * [GERONIMO-4229] - clarify use of GERONIMO_HOME vs. GERONIMO_BASE in shell scripts
    * [GERONIMO-4237] - Elements <jndi-name>, <jndi-local-name> and <jndi> ignored in openejb-jar.xml
    * [GERONIMO-4251] - Class-Path entry in WAR manifest didn't work if entry is a directory
    * [GERONIMO-4275] - PCEnhancer java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    * [GERONIMO-4276] - openejb-jar-2.2.xsd missing from the schema subdirectory of the main Geronimo installation directory
    * [GERONIMO-4286] - Can't configure log4j using log4jResource in ApplicationLog4jConfigurationGBean
    * [GERONIMO-4299] - Session invalidation problem - WADI Tomcat Clustering
    * [GERONIMO-4306] - Plugin list won't be updated after installing a new server plugin
    * [GERONIMO-4308] - Web service address caching in WSDL
    * [GERONIMO-4311] - Deployment of service-refs with wsdl with external wsdl/xsd imports fails
    * [GERONIMO-4312] - Starting using Java command failed with ClassNotFound exception
    * [GERONIMO-4317] - SQL jdbc driver class name is wrong in db pool creation wizard
    * [GERONIMO-4356] - search-plugins, list-targets, and list-modules commands fail using framework assembly
    * [GERONIMO-4361] - Resource injection of simple env. entry types
    * [GERONIMO-4369] - The new attribute values are overwrote while restarting the DB pool connector
    * [GERONIMO-4375] - rebind of "auto-bound" stuff in jca: context doesn't work
    * [GERONIMO-4377] - Fail to indicate datasource create unsuccessfully  in admin console "database pool" porlet when choosing wrong database driver
    * [GERONIMO-4380] - dom4j InvalidXPathException on the Tomcat Javaee5 assembly when deploying a Grails application
    * [GERONIMO-4389] - Can't start server when install it in a directory containing space
    * [GERONIMO-4393] - Duplicate Xid with multiple JVMs on single host - default impl needs some 'random' entropy
    * [GERONIMO-4404] - ActiveMQ connectors default to when ServerHostname is set to localhost or actual IP.
    * [GERONIMO-4405] - Postgresql new drives would not be listed in Drive Jars list and download driver list
    * [GERONIMO-4407] - Dupldate attribute entries exist in the config.xml while changing the value between zero-length string and no-zero-length string
    * [GERONIMO-4411] - Tools.jar expected but not found on Mac OS 10.5.5
    * [GERONIMO-4416] - Axis2 creates an invalid extra instance of web service beans
    * [GERONIMO-4420] - Create Files under repository even if fail to deploy a jar having problems.
    * [GERONIMO-4422] - Show parent/child components option in the System Modules portlet no longer works
    * [GERONIMO-4427] - Incorrect httpbinding namespace is used in Axis2 plugin
    * [GERONIMO-4428] - Non-ascii characters in SQL script causing build failure in GB18030 encoded shell
    * [GERONIMO-4436] - The address of httpbinding port in the WSDL query is not updated
    * [GERONIMO-4438] - TransactionSynchronizationRegistry.getTransactionKey should return null when transaction is not associated with the current thread
    * [GERONIMO-4440] - MTOM binding style is overwrite by the style from WSDL
    * [GERONIMO-4441] - The assignment to variable "handler" has no effect in
    * [GERONIMO-4442] - Unable to configure IP address for many listening ports
    * [GERONIMO-4448] - TransactionManager resume method should only resume valid transaction
    * [GERONIMO-4449] - Transaction.rollback method also calls beforeCompletion
    * [GERONIMO-4450] - EJB based Provider implementation should allow other interfaces in addtion to
    * [GERONIMO-4451] - locking and unlocking for availability of a keystore results in duplicate attributes in config.xml
    * [GERONIMO-4452] - Is it possible to deploy more than one mdb???
    * [GERONIMO-4464] - GShell does not support login option of old deploy scripts
    * [GERONIMO-4467] - null pointer acess in code.
    * [GERONIMO-4468] - <jar-file> elements are interpreted relatively to EAR root instead of persistence unit
    * [GERONIMO-4473] - Validate the artifact fields when adding an archive to the repository
    * [GERONIMO-4495] - Invoking stop method on a gbean whose instancestate is destoryed caused that gbean in the stopping state
    * [GERONIMO-4496] - Update copyright years for 2009
    * [GERONIMO-4497] - Searching for resources in MultiParentClassLoader is not fully optimized
    * [GERONIMO-4518] - Can't shutdown the server when host was set to in
    * [GERONIMO-4519] - When XAException.XA_RBROLLBACK arisen from XAResource.end, TM should not send rollback request again to the XAResource
    * [GERONIMO-4525] - No effective exit code for all Windows commands
    * [GERONIMO-4526] - ejbTimout method not subject to permission checks
    * [GERONIMO-4529] - Corba port 1050 is not released after stopping j2ee-corba-yoko configuration
    * [GERONIMO-4533] - Fix "This is ridiculous" error messages on command execution
    * [GERONIMO-4534] - Can't secure connect to JMX with JConsole.
    * [GERONIMO-4541] - Upgrade to ASM 3.1
    * [GERONIMO-4544] - Error occured when repeatedly create DB or records
    * [GERONIMO-4547] - Fail to install a plugin from a remote repository
    * [GERONIMO-4550] - No error message displays in console when fail to create jms resource
    * [GERONIMO-4554] - Cant deploy an ejb web service as a plugin using car-maven-plugin
    * [GERONIMO-4555] - Can't start  App Client after stop it from console
    * [GERONIMO-4556] - Farm deployment of configurations using JNDI resource references does not work
    * [GERONIMO-4558] - Update to latest TranQL DB2 driver
    * [GERONIMO-4561] - An invalid string "system" shows up in the "Login Timeout" field in Derby Embedded or Derby Embedded XA database pool configuration page
    * [GERONIMO-4562] - 405 error when create plugin via admin console
    * [GERONIMO-4563] - Connecting To ip or hostname...Could not open connection to the host, on port 9999: Connect failed
    * [GERONIMO-4567] - Gshell deploy/assemble command on a remote server cannot work
    * [GERONIMO-4570] - deploy error after using login to save the name and password
    * [GERONIMO-4573] - OpenEJB tries to parse sun-ejb-jar.xml
    * [GERONIMO-4574] - PolicyContext handler data objects are never released
    * [GERONIMO-4579] - There are errors during zip file extracted on Linux OS using farm clustering
    * [GERONIMO-4588] - Adding multiple server with the same host in monitoring portlet results in a sql error
    * [GERONIMO-4595] - script error when clicking the update button in portlet console ---server---Server Logs -- Log Manager
    * [GERONIMO-4597] - Validate Web Admin Console input
    * [GERONIMO-4598] - Versions missing in plugins: as a result many plugins cannot be added to framework server
    * [GERONIMO-4600] - JarFileClassLoader allows resources to be loaded from locations outside of the directory specified in its classpath

** Improvement
    * [GERONIMO-1224] - shutdown.bat / and associated StopServer  class do not allow a hostname to be specified and is inconsistent with deploy tool
    * [GERONIMO-1367] - Shutdown JAR should use deployer stored username/password
    * [GERONIMO-3316] - warn but don't prevent deployment if an ear's manifest cps are messed up, and provide more info on where.
    * [GERONIMO-3959] - Freeze during deploying OrderEAR sample from GMOxDOC21 
    * [GERONIMO-4162] - Using Eclipse XML tools in Apache Geronimo 2.1
    * [GERONIMO-4170] - Upgrade Selenium version for Firefox 3
    * [GERONIMO-4212] - Upgrade Ant to 1.7.1 version
    * [GERONIMO-4225] - Allow Run SQL portlet run sql against any configured data source
    * [GERONIMO-4274] - Automate version numbers in README and RELASE_NOTES files
    * [GERONIMO-4278] - Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.2.0
    * [GERONIMO-4295] - Upgrade to Derby
    * [GERONIMO-4297] - Include TranQL connector for Oracle RAC
    * [GERONIMO-4324] - Upgrade to MyFaces v1.2.6
    * [GERONIMO-4370] - improve usage of default-repository in plugin catalog
    * [GERONIMO-4386] - rmi-naming should use ServerHostname from
    * [GERONIMO-4391] - Upgrade to ANT v1.7.1
    * [GERONIMO-4397] - change log4j ConversionPattern to ISO8601
    * [GERONIMO-4406] - when client.bat/sh a non-exist  project, return a error msg instead of a Exception stack log to user
    * [GERONIMO-4413] - Improve usability of client.bat/sh
    * [GERONIMO-4460] - Upgrade Spring plugin to 2.5.6 artifacts
    * [GERONIMO-4461] - Improve exception during transaction manager one phase commit
    * [GERONIMO-4462] - Allow JAVA_HOME to point to a JRE in Windows OS
    * [GERONIMO-4463] - Display complete usage information in the geronimo command
    * [GERONIMO-4466] - Improve exception during transaction manager commit when there are multiple XAResources
    * [GERONIMO-4471] - improve heuristic exception handling in rollback when txmanager.commit is called
    * [GERONIMO-4478] - enhance exception handling during transaction rollback
    * [GERONIMO-4482] - a few improvements on XAExceptions during enlist resource, prepare, commit, rollback
    * [GERONIMO-4485] - Port the GERONIMO-4474 patch for V2.1
    * [GERONIMO-4506] - switch to use txmanager 2.1.2-snapshot in geronimo server 2.1 branch
    * [GERONIMO-4521] - ejb apps with spec security constraints should only deploy if there are corresponding geronimo security constraints, as with web apps
    * [GERONIMO-4552] - Upgrade to Geronimo JavaMail provider 1.7 and JavaMail spec 1.6
    * [GERONIMO-4564] - update to use transaction manager 2.1.2
    * [GERONIMO-4572] - EJB Webservice BASIC login HTTPServletRequest into LoginModule
    * [GERONIMO-4592] - Upgrade to OpenEJB 3.0.1
    * [GERONIMO-4593] - Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.2.1

** New Feature
    * [GERONIMO-4279] - Pull in TranQL SQLServer 2000 and 2005 XA connector 
    * [GERONIMO-4365] - Pull in TranQL Informix XA connector
    * [GERONIMO-4394] - Run Geronimo as a Windows service out of box

Certification Status
Apache Geronimo v2.1.x has passed 100% of SUN's Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 
Certification Test Suite. See "Distributions" for further details.

Apache Geronimo v2.1.4 is available in five distributions so you can pick the 
one that best fits your environment.

The available distributions are as follows:

Certified distributions:
- Apache Geronimo with Tomcat web container, AXIS2 for Web Services and OpenJPA
  for persistence.
- Apache Geronimo with Jetty web container, CXF for Web Services and OpenJPA 
  for persistence.

Non-Certified distributions:
- Little-G with Tomcat web container, minimal configuration.
- Little-G with Jetty web container, minimal configuration.
- Geronimo framework, stripped down Geronimo pluggable framework.

Note: Non-Certified distributions do not contain a complete JavaEE5 stack and so 
cannot be certified.  Certified distributions can be reconfigured by the user 
(such as Tomcat web container with CXF for Web Services). 

Supported features
All programming elements of the Java EE 5.0 Specification are available.  

Known Issues and Limitations
** Bug
    * [GERONIMO-4589] - Does not echo the command after expection occur in command line
    * [GERONIMO-4586] - Error when deploy war to multiple targets in a wadi cluster
    * [GERONIMO-4580] - Wrong "Display Name" element in "ra.xml" of "tranql-connector-derby-embed-local-1.4.rar"
    * [GERONIMO-4575] - Update Repository List in Plugin portlet does not display error message when is down
    * [GERONIMO-4568] - could not stop the application EAR that has the wrong JMS deployment plan
    * [GERONIMO-4553] - Admin console does not show error when creating duplicate security realm
    * [GERONIMO-4549] - JMS resource jndi entries are not removed after uninstalling the JMS connect adapter
    * [GERONIMO-4542] - Significant lock contention exists in HttpServletResponse.addCookie()
    * [GERONIMO-4539] - Deployment failed if JPA PU jar in web module
    * [GERONIMO-4530] - unnecessary dependencies in custom server
    * [GERONIMO-4516] - Can't edit datasource and JMS Resource deployment plan in Data pool porlet of admin console
    * [GERONIMO-4514] - tiles2 requires dummy servlet-mapping
    * [GERONIMO-4513] - LDAP Realm Improvements
    * [GERONIMO-4505] - console-tomcat references directly to properties-login
    * [GERONIMO-4477] - JNDI NameClassPair always returns isRelative() = false
    * [GERONIMO-4446] - ServletRequestAttributeListener does not work with G Jetty 2.1.3, works with G Tomcat 2.1.3
    * [GERONIMO-4444] - Oracle XA database pool causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
    * [GERONIMO-4443] - car-maven-plugin does not support the obsoletes attribute for plugins
    * [GERONIMO-4434] - Folder classpath cannot be added in geronimo
    * [GERONIMO-4402] - Create Geronimo Deployment Plan displays no errors when AbstractWebModuleBuilder: Could not load servlet class is thrown
    * [GERONIMO-4392] - "Assemble a server" should not fail with IOException: FULL head
    * [GERONIMO-4383] - PortletException on file upload after console timeout
    * [GERONIMO-4373] - application.xml in EJB META-INF breaks deployment
    * [GERONIMO-4367] - default-subject does not work with EJB security
    * [GERONIMO-4350] - Connection proxying to imitate DissociatableManagedConnection can easily cause problems
    * [GERONIMO-4349] - jdbc driver is installed to wrong repository after installed server specific repo plugin
    * [GERONIMO-4345] - jar-file in persistence.xml overwrites toplink.ddl-generation
    * [GERONIMO-4335] - Implement the ability to define a custom valve in config.xml
    * [GERONIMO-4333] - Lifecycle operation failed - provide more details
    * [GERONIMO-4322] - Database pool portlet has incorrect driver connection properties and driverClass values for MacOS
    * [GERONIMO-4315] - various links on the Installed Web Applications portlet lead to 404
    * [GERONIMO-4305] - PortletException with Redeploy application checked for non existent application
    * [GERONIMO-4287] - geronimo.out and geronimo.log stop logging with application specific loggin is enabled and the app is undeployed
    * [GERONIMO-4257] - Problem with processing and delivery jms messages
    * [GERONIMO-4250] - Wrong path to access JAR files in EAR from WAR modules with getResourceAsStream
    * [GERONIMO-4247] - Maven Plugin Documentation Shows Outdated Configuration
    * [GERONIMO-4223] - NPE when accessing Installed application EAR or Installed web application portlet
    * [GERONIMO-4222] - Database pool unusable after database unavailable for awhile
    * [GERONIMO-4219] - Edited GBean properties not reflected on restart
    * [GERONIMO-4217] - Check for all data primitive types when shortcutting to the primordial classloader
    * [GERONIMO-4184] - In-doubt transaction Id's could be reused during server startup
    * [GERONIMO-4165] - The deploy command in a assembled server fail to start
    * [GERONIMO-4155] - Can use a run-as role without defining it
    * [GERONIMO-4153] - Messages are not being redelivered correctly
    * [GERONIMO-4124] - Tomcat jacc usage is messed up
    * [GERONIMO-4097] - unable to download extensible administration console using Little G
    * [GERONIMO-4080] - Accessibility issue: No input error messages are shown in some forms if anything is unexpected
    * [GERONIMO-4078] - Database Pools page: JNDI name formatting inconsistent
    * [GERONIMO-4076] - Console runs in unhandled exception when user starts module with unresolved dependencies
    * [GERONIMO-4032] - Accessibility issue: descriptions should be shown explicitly for automatic change
    * [GERONIMO-4030] - Accessibility issue: The tree and tabbed content in Debug views is not keyboard navigatable
    * [GERONIMO-4028] - Accessibility issue: no label elements and title attributes defined in all of forms in admin console
    * [GERONIMO-4026] - Accessibility issue: no fieldset and legend elements for groups of radio and checkbox button
    * [GERONIMO-4011] - Need new release of JLine to fix GShell problems on Windows
    * [GERONIMO-4000] - Cannot start magicGball sample's client application thru gshell command
    * [GERONIMO-3998] - @WebFault
    * [GERONIMO-3997] - NPE in console
    * [GERONIMO-3989] - gshell - infinite loop
    * [GERONIMO-3957] - Updating svn:ignore lists
    * [GERONIMO-3949] - Problem creating a DB2 datasource
    * [GERONIMO-3946] - WARN [JettyModuleBuilder] Web application . does not contain a WEB-INF/geronimo-web.xml deployment plan
    * [GERONIMO-3942] - IllegalStateException warning message for Jetty plugin installer
    * [GERONIMO-3938] - Geronimo must add Java2 security to run with security manager
    * [GERONIMO-3934] - geronimo/start-server --timeout option does not work as expected
    * [GERONIMO-3892] - Persistence.CreateEntityManagerFactory leads to an JNDI Exception in EJB Container
    * [GERONIMO-3878] - Unable to deploy Postgres Datasource from console dialog "Database Pools" because of missing jar files in jar selection listbox.
    * [GERONIMO-3875] - Enabling authentication for Derby renders DB Viewer portlet unusable for all db's except SystemDatabase
    * [GERONIMO-3874] - Deployment of Spring SpringContextResourceAdapter fails
    * [GERONIMO-3863] - Default TomcatWebConnector maxPostSize setting cannot handle DayTrader application
    * [GERONIMO-3851] - Plan Creator cannot recognize classes inside compressed JARs of WEB-INF/lib
    * [GERONIMO-3844] - Errors on shutdown from admin console (Jetty only) - java.lang.InterruptedException
    * [GERONIMO-3832] - Timers created using the Timer Services are not dropeed when the associated ejb module is stopped or undeployed.
    * [GERONIMO-3815] - ContextManager.getCurrentContext() throws NullPointerException
    * [GERONIMO-3768] - deployment failure is not logged in either geronimo.log or deployer.log
    * [GERONIMO-3762] - Web Applications displayed during server startup include "system" console plugins
    * [GERONIMO-3685] - Monitoring Console should display TimeStatistics and BoundedRangeStatistics correctly
    * [GERONIMO-3664] - JNDIView Portlet should list ResourceAdaptors and its JCAManagedConnectionFactories for RAR Modules
    * [GERONIMO-3602] - SEI specified in webservices.xml does not overwrite annotation
    * [GERONIMO-3599] - Unable to create new JMS Resource group through console in IE7
    * [GERONIMO-3581] - Default security relam name in ContextManager
    * [GERONIMO-3483] - Redeploy should start any dependent configurations it stops.
    * [GERONIMO-3466] - car-maven-plugin can not generate server plugin which includes EJB
    * [GERONIMO-3442] - Tomcat exception reports reference non-existent log files
    * [GERONIMO-3419] - Console displays wrong database pool type when derby embed local is used.
    * [GERONIMO-3392] - CA Helper App - Unable to find HTTPS Connector configured for ClientAuth
    * [GERONIMO-3233] - Local EJB references cannot be resolved when <inverse-classloading> is set in web application
    * [GERONIMO-2622] - Implement PolicyContextHandlerSOAPMessage
    * [GERONIMO-2451] - Deployment fails
    * [GERONIMO-2340] - Network Listener state not persisted across server startups
    * [GERONIMO-2246] - Why resource-env-ref:admin-object-module?

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