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  • Apache ActiveMQ Board Report - 2009.04 (April)
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Status report for the Apache ActiveMQ Project

 * The ActiveMQ project has had another very busy but quiet quarter.
 * The development and user lists continue to stay vibrant.
 * The Camel sub project has completed moving to a TLP.

 * ActiveMQ 5.3.x development is underway.  Several new ideas are being researched like a new storage implementation 
   and a protocol buffer based wire encoding.  If accepted into the main line this may bump up the major version to
 * ActiveMQ-CPP 3.0 development is underway.  The current architecture is being refactored to improve performance and
   to allow for new features to be added more easily such as a Failover Transport.

 * ActiveMQ-CPP 2.2.4
 * ActiveMQ-CPP 2.2.5
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