Network control / Network Security:

  • dynamic VLANS for nodes
  • VLAN control - grouping clusters
  • perimeter firewall control
  • support for military level usage
  • support for VPN
  • support for NAT


  •  fully automated intergration for HPC using LSF
    • dynamically move blades (nodes) to-from HPC based on load and demand
  • support for additional environments
    • LPARs ?
    • Moab
    • Condor

Power management:

  • shutdown sysadmin defined % of resources when not in use or during low times
  • hibernate mode for nodes
  • tiered shutdown in the case of a Data center event

Provisioning additional resources:

  • Z series ?
  • idataplex - supported in xCAT2.X

Broker access to standalone windows machines

  • hand out idle windows lab machines in off hours similiar to the linux/solaris lab machines


  •  support for additional hypervisors, ie. Xen, kvm, virtual box, zvm, hyperV
  • single nic support (currently vcl assumes two nics are available on nodes)

Application virtualization:

  •  Streaming apps to base installs, ie. MS softgrid, Virtuozzo

Support for more OS's:

  •  Windows 2008, Windows X
  • Ubuntu, SLES, more
  • 64 bit versions

Integrate Enterprise OS logins:

  •  based on images or affiliations
  • dynamically configured

Block Reservations:

  •  Sysadmin resource calendar - for managing block reservations
  • End user resource calendars per affiliation
  • Tool for end user block owners to view or receive information regarding their block calendars

Remote Access protocols:

  •  extend options for remote access protocols
    • VNC
    • FreeNX
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