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The XMPjpegGenerator extracts [XMP] from a jpeg file. This AdobeTM XML can encode metadatas like title, author, description... This schema implements an open standard known as [IPTC/IMM]. For your photos, try for example an app like [pixVue], it allows you to add different infos, encoded in jpeg headers, with also an XML/XMP embed. If you don't like to deal directly with the ugly Adobe XML, see here


Find and compile or put the binary classes in your cocoon webapp

  • XMPjpegGenerator.class
  • XMPjpegGenerator$JpegException.class
  • XMPjpegGenerator$MarkerVector.class

In your sitemap, declare and use the component

    <map:generators default="file">
      <map:generator name="xmp" src="org.apache.cocoon.generation.XMPjpegGenerator"/> 

  <map:match pattern="gallery/**.xmp">
    <map:generate type="xmp" src="gallery/{1}.jpg"/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>


Persons in historic order, but not of importance (from new to old)

[FG] FredericGlorieux AJLSM <> for Strabon <> Integration of W3C classes as a cocoon generator

[PD] Dittgen, Pierre [PassTech] <> Refactoring W3C classes

[nwalsh] Walsh, Norman Seems the most active maintener of jpeg metadata classes in his [jpegrdf] project

[PF] Fumagalli, Pierpaolo (Apache Software Foundation)

[CZ] Ziegeler, Carsten. Original authors of [fileGenerator]






[jpegrdf] Walsh, Norman "JpegRDF" reads and manipulates RDF metadata stored in JPEG images

[pixvue] Colemenan, Eamon. An MS.Windows Image Organizer, XMP compatible


[XMP] Adobe Systems Incorporated "Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)" Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a labeling technology that allows you to embed data about a file, known as metadata, into the file itself. With XMP, desktop applications and back-end publishing systems gain a common method for capturing, sharing, and leveraging this valuable metadata -
opening the door for more efficient job processing, workflow automation, and rights management, among many other possibilities. With XMP, Adobe has taken the "heavy lifting" out of metadata integration, offering content creators an easy way to embed meaningful information about their projects and providing industry partners with standards-based building blocks to develop optimized workflow solutions.

[passTech] Boutros, Nader ; Dittgen, Pierre.

[AJLSM] Arvers, Jean-Luc; Sévigny, Martin "Solution pour le document numérique"


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