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Becoming a PMC member

This page describes stuff that needs to be done if you're elected onto the PMC (see ProjectRoles). It assumes you've already been a committer and performed the tasks described in BecomingCommitter.

Granted all permissions in Bugzilla

(TODO, describe)

Added to private list

The private at mailing list is used for PMCish chat (see ProjectRoles); your Apache email address is added to this list.

Given CPAN co-maint status

Given your CPAN userid, someone with the karma – this may be just JMASON – logs in to the [ PAUSE Share Permissions page], and selects '3.1 Make somebody else co-maintainer', filling in your userid.

(This should probably move to a committer-bit thing, since we don't limit making releases to just PMC members.)

Given Freshmeat co-maint status – possibly again only jmason can do this. (ditto about the committer bit too.)

Added to committee-info.txt notes: 'your PMC chair needs to update to denote the new PMC member's details and the effective join date.'

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