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Removed Rulesets

These rules have been removed from the SpamAssassin distribution.

RFC-Ignorant - enable blacklist from

Disabled in 3.3.2 (June 2011) due to poor hit rate and accuracy:

score DNS_FROM_RFC_BOGUSMX 0 1.464 0 1.668 # n=0 n=2
score DNS_FROM_RFC_DSN 0 0.001 0 0.001 # n=0 n=2


As discussed in Bug 6490, this rule allows you to penalize senders for not implementing SPF. It is provided for the administrator to enable and score at their own risk.

header    SPF_NONE    eval:check_for_spf_none()
describe  SPF_NONE    SPF: sender SPF record missing
score     SPF_NONE    0.1
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