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How to Remove Spam Bugs From Bugzilla

Our Bugzilla instance does not enable a feature to allow one to delete a bug that has been submitted. However there is an indirect way for someone with Administrator access to delete bugs, by 1) creating a new Component for the Spamassassin project; 2) changing the component of the bugs to be deleted; 3) deleting the component, which will also delete all bugs that are set to be in that component.

Before going through the procedure to delete the spam bug reports, first disable the user from logging in and from receiving mail that will result from the changes you make when deleting the bug reports. In the Administration page, click on Users, search using the login email address of the user. Click on the found user to edit their account. There, type some brief explanation such as "spammer" in the Disabled Text box. Any text in the box will disable their login. Also make sure the checkbox to diable Bugzilla mail is selected. Save the changes ,then proceed with deleting the bugs they have entered.

Deleting a bug that is spam can only be done by someone who has Administrator access to our Bugzilla. To delete such bugs, click on the Administration menu item, then the components link under Products, then select the spamassassin product. On the resulting components page add a new component with a name such as Trash. Then do a search for the email address that submitted the spam bug, using advanced search to set the Status query to select all the values and set Reporter to the email address. Alternatively use the User item in the Administration menu, search for the email address that submitted the spam bug, and try to delete the user. That will refuse to delete it because of existing bugs and comments, giving you a link to a search results page that shows all of those bugs. Near the bottom search results page click on the Change Several Bugs at Once button. Then select all of the spam bugs, near the bottom of page change the assignee to your email address, the Component to, e.g., Trash, select to remove bug from the Security Team group if any are on it, and Submit it. Then back at the Components administration page, delete the Trash component you just made, which after confirmation will also delete the bugs you just moved to it. Finally, back at the Users page delete the user who submitted the spam. Bugzilla may not allow the user to be deleted if there are still certain entries in the database such as bugs that they have made some change to. If that happens, you'll have to be satisfied wit leaving their login disabled.

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