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Rule Development

When a rule is checked into SVN in a developer's sandbox, it will be picked up for testing in a number of ways:

  • virtually immediately, the PreflightBuildBot will pick it up and run a set of mass-checks against its own corpus, along with any other sandbox rules
  • that night, the NightlyMassCheck will take place, and several people will run it against *their* corpora along with the entire SA ruleset

The results of both can be viewed at the RuleQaApp.

If you'd like to be able to perform mass-checks, you can also email in rules files using the PreflightByMail system.

MassesOverview describes a number of tools that are useful in evaluting the quality of prospective rules.

CustomRulesets illustrates rules available from third parties and has links to their mass-check results.

RuleFilenameConventions discusses the conventions we use in rule-files' filenames.