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Note: This page is under construction and shouldn't be considered "complete". If there are any questions, etc, please feel free to contact the users at list for more information.

Why sa-update?

The goal of sa-update is to download new configuration files (rules, scores, etc,) so that SpamAssassin will use them to better catch spam and/or to avoid catching ham messages. The main reason to use sa-update is that the old method of disseminating rules (a new SpamAssassin release) is a lengthy process that can take months. Spam is rapidly changing, and new rules are often written in response. With sa-update, those rules can quickly (potentially within minutes) be distributed and the new spam caught. sa-update allows rules to be distributed as they are developed, while full SpamAssassin releases can focus on bug fixes and new features.


sa-update commandline


sa-update && service spamassassin restart

This is potentially the most simple example of using sa-update. It will see if an update is available, and download the update and lint-test it as necessary. If there was an update and no problems were detected, sa-update returns 0 and the

 service spamassassin restart 

command is run (used on Linux machines to restart the spamassassin service (spamd)).

Additonal Notes

  • From a technical standpoint, updates can also contain plugins. However, the default channel,, will not publish plugins using this method at this time.
  • Currently, for 3.1.1 and 3.2.0, to use any channel for updates requires that also be used.

Publishing channels for sa-update


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