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Starting with SpamAssassin 3.0, spamd requires the Storable module when per-user configuration is allowed. If when trying to load spamd, the message Required module Storable not found! appears, it means SpamAssassin can't find the module. If it isn't installed, you should install it. If it is installed, you will need to do some debugging to find out what the issue is.

Note: There have been reports that the default Mandrake Linux 10 installation includes a broken Storable module. If you are running on this platform, please try a fresh install of the Storable module from CPAN and see if that fixes the issue.

First, verify what spamassassin -D --lint says. You should see a block at the top like:

debug: diag: module installed: DBI, version 1.21
debug: diag: module installed: DB_File, version 1.808
debug: diag: module installed: Digest::SHA1, version 2.01
debug: diag: module installed: IO::Socket::UNIX, version 1.20
debug: diag: module installed: MIME::Base64, version 2.20
debug: diag: module installed: Net::DNS, version 0.46
debug: diag: module not installed: Net::LDAP ('require' failed)
debug: diag: module installed: Razor2::Client::Agent, version 2.61
debug: diag: module installed: Storable, version 2.12
debug: diag: module installed: URI, version 1.30

If the Storable line looks more like:

debug: diag: module not installed: Storable ('require' failed)

then indeed, SpamAssassin can't find it. The next thing to try is:

perl -MStorable -e 'print "$Storable::VERSION\n"'

It should return a version number. If nothing is returned, or there's an error about Storable not being installed, there is a perl-related issue. The easiest thing to do is to try a fresh install of the Storable module via CPAN. You may need to do a force install if using the CPAN shell, depending on your install.

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