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  • Board Report (2009-06)
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Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data and other artifacts to target systems. ACE started incubation on April 24th 2009.

There are currently no issues requiring board or Incubator PMC attention.


  • The infrastructure is all in place, community is ready and waiting for the IP clearance process to be completed.
  • Several people already looked at the donated codebase, and Toni Menzel even has a couple of patches ready.
  • A logo was designed for the project, which is used in the wiki currently.


  • Initial codebase and documentation have been donated.
  • Software grant was mailed twice without success, now faxed it, just got notified that it is on record now.

Licensing and other issues

  • None at the moment, no code has been committed yet.