nutchserver is an alias for org.apache.nutch.api.NutchServer

Nutch 1.X

NutchServer is not currently not available in Nutch 1.X. There is however a Jira ticket for backporting the REST API from Nutch 2.X to Nutch 1.X

Nutch 2.X

Invoking the call to nutchserver ensures that a Nutch Server runs locally on a user defined port... by default this is set to 8081 if none is specified. This is a fully REST API for configuring and administering your Nutch crawler.

usage: NutchServer [-help] [-log <loging level>] [-port] [-stop <force>]
 -help                 Show this help
 -log <loging level>   Select a logging level for the
 -port                 Use port for restful API
 -stop <force>         Stop running nutch server. Force stops server
                       despite running jobs

You may also find the documentation on the Nutch 2.X RESTAPI useful as well as the NutchWepp documentation.


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