Apache Airavata

Apache Airavata is a middleware to simplify computation and data analysis in diverse computational resources. In order to expose the new features of Apache AIravataMiddleware, the Django Portal is developed. The Django portal is based on python and it is flexible and user-friendly when it comes to extending features of Airavata to suit the science domain requirements. Easy post-processing application integration, building application-centric interfaces and configuring and launching application workflows, managing users, compute and storage resources are few of many improved features.

These tutorials are for Django portal users ranging from gateway admins and end-users as well as gateway developers. 

Tutorial 01 - Django Portal for Airavata: End-User Guide


  • Gateway Users


  1. How to use Django portal to submit experimental jobs on computing resources.
  2. How to manage experiments, projects within the gateway.
  3. How to share experiments with other gateway users and user groups.
  4. How to manage data storage.

Tutorial 02 - Django Portal for Airavata: Gateway Admin Guide


  • Gateway Administrators


  1. Step-by-step instructions on setting up a gateway. 
  2. Instructions on handling day-to-day administrative tasks (monitoring etc...) using Admin Dashboard.
    1. Application catalog configuration
    2. User management
    3. Monitoring gateway experiments
    4. Managing computation and storage resources.

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