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Proposed sessions for The ASF. Person and title subject to change until travel plans are confirmed

2:30An intro to The ASF

Are you curious to know more about The Apache Software Foundation? How did we start? Why are we here? What do we even DO???

Come join us as we cover all of those topics and more! This open format session will quickly get you acquainted with the world's largest Open Source foundation and get you ready to hear more through the rest of the track!

3:00The Apache Way

This talk will highlight six principles upon which the ASF is based, show what each means, and how each are applied to projects that are at the ASF.

Core phrases covered by the talk: "community over code", "meritocracy", "consensus", and "If it didn't happen on a mailing list, it didn't happen".

3:30How do I even get started at The ASF?

So you want to get started with contributing to an ASF project. How do you find a project that matches your interests? How do you get started with them? And how do you do that without embarrassing yourself?

Come and learn practical ways you can get involved with an ASF project today.

4:00What is this ComDev thing?

What is ComDev? What does it do and why is it needed in at the ASF which already has many project communities?

Come along and hear about how Community Development (ComDev) carries out an important role that not only helps collaboration but also looks for ways to attract new contributors...just like you!

5:00A project's lifecycle at Apache

Would you like to bring your project to the Apache Software Foundation?  We welcome new ideas and new projects.  This talk will cover the ways in which the ASF supports our projects throughout a project lifecycle.

Slide deck:

5:30Roles at The ASF

This talk will briefly describe the history of the ASF, and its corporate governance structure.  What is a contributor, committer, PMC member, member. Project governance and light foundation governance stuff

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