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Current stateCOMPLETED

Discussion thread: here

JIRA: HUDI-344 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Released: 0.6.0


A feature to snapshot a Hudi dataset and export the latest records to a set of external files (e.g., plain parquet files).


The existing org.apache.hudi.utilities.HoodieSnapshotCopier performs a Hudi-to-Hudi copy that serves for backup purpose. To broaden the usability, the Copier could be potentially extended to perform exporting features to data formats, like plain parquet files, other than Hudi dataset.


The proposed class is org.apache.hudi.utilities.HoodieSnapshotExporter , which serves as the main entry for snapshotting related work.

Definition of "Snapshot"

To snapshot is to get the records from a Hudi dataset at a particular point in time. Note that the data exported from MOR tables may not be the most up-to-date as RO query is used for retrieval, which omits the latest data in the log files.


--source-base-pathBase path for the source Hudi dataset to be snapshottedrequired
--target-output-pathOutput path for storing a particular snapshotrequired
--output-formatOutput format for the exported dataset; accept these values: json|parquet|hudirequired; When "hudi", behaves the same as HoodieSnapshotCopier ; may support more data formats in the future
--output-partition-fieldA field to be used by Spark repartitioning

optional; Ignored when "HUDI" or when --output-partitioner is specified

The output dataset's default partition field will inherent from the source Hudi dataset.

When this argument is specified, the provided value will be used for both in-memory Spark repartitioning and output file partition.

String partitionField = // from the argument

In case of more flexibility needed for repartitioning, use --output-partitioner 

--output-partitionerA class to facilitate custom repartitioning optional; Ignored when "hudi"


RFC-9 snapshotter overview

  1. Read
    • Regardless of output format, always leverage on org.apache.hudi.common.table.view.HoodieTableFileSystemView to perform RO query for read
    • Specifically, data to be read is from the latest version of columnar files in the source dataset, up to the latest commit time, like what the existing HoodieSnapshotCopier does
  2. Transform
    • Output format "parquet"
      • Stripe Hudi metadata
      • Allow user to provide a field to do simple Spark repartitioning
      • Allow user to provide a class to do custom repartitioning
    • No transformation is needed for output format "hudi"; just copy the original files, like what the existing HoodieSnapshotCopier does
  3. Write
    • Just need to provide the output directory and Spark shall handle the rest.

Rollout/Adoption Plan

  • No impact to existing users as this is a new independent utility tool.
  • Once this feature is GA'ed, we can mark HoodieSnapshotCopier as deprecated and suggest user to switch to this tool, which provides equivalent copying features.

Test Plan

  • Write similar tests like HoodieSnapshotCopier 
  • When testing end-to-end, we are to verify
    • number of records are matched
    • later snapshot reflect the latest info from the original dataset


  1. LGTM overall. Just few high level questions. 

  2. LGTM as well, few questions/comments.