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Spec JAR module names

SpecificationJava EE 8 JPMS nameJakarta EE 8 JPMS nameJakarta EE 9 JPMS name
Annotations APIjava.annotationjava.annotationjakarta.annotation
EL APIjavax.el.api (auto)jakarta.el.api (auto)jakarta.el
JASPIC (auto)

Servlet API

javax.servlet.api (auto)java.servletjakarta.servlet
JSP APIjavax.servlet.jsp.api (auto)jakarta.servlet.jsp.api (auto)jakarta.servlet.jsp
WebSocket (server) APIjavax.websocket.api (auto)jakarta.websocket.api (auto)jakarta.websocket

Proposed Module names for Tomcat

SpecificationTomcat 9  JPMS nameTomact 10 JPMS name
Annotations APIjava.annotationjakarta.annotation
EL APIjava.eljakarta.el

Servlet API

JSP APIjava.servlet.jspjakarta.servlet.jsp
WebSocket (server) APIjava.websocketjakarta.websocket
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